Nothing phone (1) might end up looking like a translucent iPhone

(Pocket-lint) – Now that Nothing has announced the launch date for the Nothing phone (1), the company seems to have gone into full hype mode.

The latest image, shared on social channels, appears to show a pair of birds. But it’s what they are sitting on that’s important and we can only assume it’s the first real look at the Nothing phone (1).

What stands out the most is the flat edge of the device. That pairing of silver and white of the back looks a lot like the iPhone, either the iPhone 4/5 that everyone loved, or the more recent iPhone 12/13.

Then there’s the curve of that camera lens in the top left-hand corner, but there’s clearly some other design elements across the rest of the phone.

We’re expecting some translucency to the rear of this phone when it launches. That’s been confirmed, creating a design theme that fits in with the Nothing ear (1) and looking closely at the image, it looks like there’s some texture on the rear of the phone that fits with the textured finish found in the ear (1) case.

Beyond that, of course, we can’t see much more about what this phone might look like, except that it appears there will be a white version. We’re guessing there will be a black version too.

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As for the bird theme, we don’t know quite know what to make of that. We have these blue parakeets (more commonly called a budgie in the UK) here, and the previous announcement of the event used imagery of the back of a bird, which looks like an eclectus parrot.

Given that we’ve just suggested it might look like a translucent iPhone, perhaps the other trait of parrots – mimicry – is what this is all about, or perhaps this is about budgie smuggling?

All will be revealed on 12 July and we’re sure there’s going to be a lot more teasing, and probably more birds too.  

Writing by Chris Hall.

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