Nothing phone (1) shows off its flashing rear in new videos

(Pocket-lint) – Another day, another glimpse at the Nothing phone (1). The reveals have been coming thick and fast as of late, and the latest one is a particularly flashy surprise.

The new videos come from a small launch party which Nothing held in Basel, Switzerland alongside the Art Basel event. We got a great look at the rear of the device, but the front is being kept under wraps for now.

A video posted by Lorenz Keller has shown us flashing LEDs adorning the rear panel of the hotly anticipated phone.

The exact way in which Nothing plans to use these LEDs is not certain, but it definitely has the wow factor. It brings to mind the classic Nokia 3220, which had flashing LEDs along both sides of the phone which would light up when you got a call or text.

It would seem that Nothing will be implementing something similar, but with a much more modern aesthetic, and as far as we can tell, the LEDs only shine in white.

We’re expecting the LEDs to function as a flash for the camera, kind of like a mini-ring light that encircles the camera array.

Another cool use-case is that the design points to the USB input, allowing you to easily charge in the dark. The same can be said for the wireless charging connector, although we’re not sure how much help it would be in practice.

Ben Geskin also shared some more high-resolution images of the phone, and as we’ve said before, it pretty much looks like an iPhone 12, but with a flashy transparent back.

The actual release is set for July 12, but at this rate, there won’t be all that much left to reveal.

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Writing by Luke Baker. Editing by Chris Hall.

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