One of Google’s most important apps finally has its own dark mode toggle

Google has finally added a dark mode toggle to one of its most important apps: the Google Play Store.

For many people, the idea of an all-or-nothing dark mode for Android is just fine. Opt to use Android in dark mode, and any apps that support it will automatically follow suit.

But this approach doesn't suit everyone, so increasing number of app give you the choice of manually enabling or disabling dark mode, regardless of the theme used in Android. One of the latest apps to do this is Google Play, and it is one of the last major Google apps to gain such and options.

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You might be one of those people who like the idea of having your phone in dark mode, but find Google Play either to use in light mode. Or maybe you're the complete opposite. The new toggle means that there's no need to put up with a look you don't like, or switch system-wide settings.

As has become increasingly common, Google Play now gives users threes choice of theme: light, dark, or matching the system settings.

Move to the dark side?

To choose which mode you'd like to use, fire up Google Play, head to Settings, and look for the Theme section. You might not see this right now, as it seems Google is enabling the feature server-side rather than through an update to the Play Store app. The update is rolling out now, so if you can't see it yet then you may have to wait a couple of days for it to arrive.

For now, only phone running Android 10 are gaining access to the new dark mode toggle, but this may change further down the line – you'll just have to keep checking to see if you've been graced with the option.

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Via Android Police

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