OnePlus 8 to launch in mid-April?

A fresh report claims OnePlus is planning to unveil its next series of phones in mid-April, bringing the launch forward a month from its usual time frame. 

If true, it wouldn’t entirely be a surprise given how soon after the OnePlus 7 series the company decided to unveil the OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro. 

The report comes from TechRadar India, and states that its sources have indicated we should expect a launch in the second week of April. 

Unfortunately, that was all the information given by this ‘source close to the company’, and no further confirmation of device models or specifications was given. 

Thankfully, we know OnePlus typically likes to drop little snippets of information itself over the weeks preceding its launches and so, if it is going to drop in April, we’ll undoubtedly start hearing and seeing more about the new phones very soon. 

One feature we do know is coming – at least to the OnePlus 8 Pro model – is a 120Hz refresh rate on the display, upping the ante from the 90Hz on offer currently on both the OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro. 

Being OnePlus, we’re also virtually assured to see a Snapdragon 865 powering the phone and keeping it all speedy and smooth. 

Previous rumours have suggested we’re going to see three models in the series this year, with the addition of a ‘Lite’ model alongside the regular and Pro, perhaps in an aim to offer a more affordable tier now that OnePlus prices are getting closer to premium flagship costs. 

Otherwise, we expect the manufacturer to pick up where it left off with the 7T range. That’s to say, a versatile camera system, fast charging battery, premium design and a great screen all wrapped up in a phone that’s still not as expensive as the likes of Samsung and Apple’s high end devices. 

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