OnePlus says the alert slider is coming back

NEW YORK (Pocket-lint) – OnePlus has announced the OnePlus 10T during an event in New York but the device is missing a signature feature – the alert slider. 

The alert slider has been an integral part of OnePlus flagship phones since the beginning, as fans of the brand will know and while it doesn’t exist on some of the Nord line up, the flagship models have continued to have it, until this device anyway.

For the OnePlus 10T, OnePlus removed the alert slider in order to get more space inside the device, for key performance enhancements like a larger battery and more antennas.

OnePlus told Pocket-lint: “On the OnePlus 10T, it’s been a hard choice [to remove the alert slider] obviously with the room inside the device. If you’re looking on the outside, it looks like a tiny component but when you go inside, especially regarding its connection to the motherboard, it takes quite a lot of space so it’s been a hard choice.”

Is the sacrifice too much for the millions of OnePlus fans who love it though?

If it is, don’t worry. OnePlus has hinted to us that the alert slider isn’t gone forever. 

When asked if the alert slider would be making a return, OnePlus told Pocket-lint in a briefing ahead of the OnePlus 10T launch: “All I can say is the engineering team is hard at work for it. 

“This is not a permeant goodbye to the alert slider if we have any say in it. We are working hard at being able to bring it back in the future.”

It was also suggested the alert slider could return at software level in the future: “We had a great suggestion on doing the alert slider on the software side so I think our product team is thinking about how to do that now.”

We guess we will see what the future holds there, but it looks like it might not be all bad news for OnePlus alert slider fans. 

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Writing by Britta O’Boyle.

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