Oppo flip phone: Everything we know about the clamshell foldable so far

(Pocket-lint) – Oppo is claimed to be working on a new foldable phone, but unlike its first book-style foldable – the Oppo Find N – this one is claimed to be a clamshell device similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 or Huawei P50 Pocket

Rumours of the product are a relatively recent thing, which means we haven’t heard much about it yet, but there does seem to be momentum gathering, which suggests the product could well be in the works. 

Oppo flip phone name? 

  • Code-named ‘Dragonfly’ 
  • No retail name revealed

So far, the flip phone (or clamshell) from Oppo is referred to as just that. We don’t know what it will be called, however, it has been rumoured that Oppo is working with the code-name ‘Dragonfly’ for the rumoured foldable. 

This code-name first surfaced in a rumour from Digital Chat Station (via ITHome), a frequent tipster on Weibo. 

Purely as an educated guess, if – like the book style Find N – it is the flagship phone we’ve read it is, it would make sense for it to slot in under the ‘Find’ brand name.

Pricing and availability

  • Cheaper than competitors
  • Around 5,000 Yuan in China – $1060 in western markets
  • Possible launch summer 2022

Like the Find N when that first launched, it’s claimed that the flip phone sibling will be cheaper than its competitors. A rumour published by the prolific tipster, Digital Chat Station (via Notebookcheck) states that the phone will launch for around 5,000 Yuan in China, that’s roughly $750 or £620. However, an earlier rumour suggests this will translate to a price tag of around $1060/£880 globally. 

The first rumours suggested that Oppo would be launching the phone at some point this summer, but we’re yet to see physical leaks or renders of the device, which either points to the phone being quite far from launch or Oppo doing a good job of keeping it secret. However, it was claimed that this phone – along with the follow up to the Find N – would be the company’s next phones

Design and display

  • Clamshell flip-phone style
  • 120Hz internal display

While leaked pictures or renders are yet to make an appearance, it has been rumoured that this is a flip phone in the style of the Moto Razr, Huawei P50 Pocket and Galaxy Z Flip 3. That means it’ll feature a narrow flexible screen internally, which folds shut to a palm-sized clamshell form. 

We’d expect it to feature the primary cameras and a smaller secondary display on the front cover, but exactly what shape those take is unclear at presence. However, if it is to be part of the Find series, we’d expect the camera unit to feature that seamless, ramping design of the Find N. 

No exact specs of the internal display have been shared yet in terms of size and resolution, however it has been claimed that it will feature 120Hz refresh rates, just like most modern flagship phones. That should mean a smooth and responsive experience. 

This detail comes from the same report which first mentioned the ‘Dragonfly’ code-name, claiming the flip phone will be focussed on being thin and light, as well as adopting a new hinge structure for the folding mechanism. 

Hardware specs and performance

  • Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1?
  • Fast charging? 

Not much is known about the exact hardware specifications. If it is to be a flagship phone as rumoured, it’s likely it’ll feature one of Qualcomm’s more powerful smartphone platforms. That could mean the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, or 8 Gen 1. However, Oppo may decide to go with something less powerful in order to achieve its desired lower price. 

One thing we can be relatively sure of is that it will feature some form of SuperVOOC fast charging. Nearly all of Oppo’s latest high end phones include fast charging of some description, offering 65W, 80W or even higher powered version on most pocket-recent models. The Find X5 Pro, for instance, has 80W fast-charging. 

Oppo ‘Dragonfly’ clamshell phone: the story so far

We’ll be continuing to update this story as new information surrounding the Dragonfly surfaces. Here’s what’s happened so far: 

4 July 2022: Oppo flip-style foldable ‘Dragonfly’ to launch this year

First claimed by Digital Chat Station and picked up by IT Home, ‘Dragonfly’ is claimed to launch this year alongside the Oppo Find N2. 

31 May 2022: Oppo to launch flip-style and Find N follow-up 

A rumour claims that Oppo will be launching both the next Find N and a new clamshell in 2022.

Doogee S98 Pro with thermal imaging and night vision goes on sale today

4 May 2022: Is Oppo working on a clamshell foldable phone?

One of the earlier mentions of the foldable claims it could cost around $1000.

Writing by Cam Bunton.

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