Oppo will be using its own silicon by 2024, leaker claims

(Pocket-lint) – Smartphone maker Oppo is reportedly keen to begin using its own chips starting in 2024, removing its reliance on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon lineup.

While this isn’t the first time that we have heard that Oppo has the desire to ditch Qualcomm, this new report by leaker Ice Universe has the company forming a team consisting of “thousands of people” with the sole aim of developing its own processor.

The report doesn’t mention if the chips will be used by other companies under the BBK Electronics umbrella, however, and it’s possible that Realme, Vivo, and OnePlus could all benefit from the work that Oppo is doing.

Oppo isn’t alone in wanting to have increased control over the silicon that goes into its devices, of course. Apple famously designs its own iPhone chips and has TSMC build them, while Google’s Tensor chips have helped Pixel phones get faster than ever. Even Samsung has its own in-house Exynos silicon, although it also uses Qualcomm throughout its lineup.


If Oppo is indeed in the middle of setting thousands of people the task of ditching Qualcomm we can surely expect it to happen – whether or not the 2024 timescale is doable remains to be seen, though. It’ll also be very interesting to see how Oppo’s own chips perform compared with the best on the market.

Writing by Oliver Haslam.

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