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Gaming is one of those pastimes that only gets better with time as technology improves and interactive capabilities expand. Even for those who love classic 90s-style platform games, the possibilities are better now than ever before. Here we have the best gaming consoles for any type of gamer.

Nintendo Switch LiteNintendo Switch Lite

Best pocketable console:
Nintendo Switch Lite

Staff Pick

What the Nintendo Switch lacks in graphic power, it makes up for in convenience. This Gameboy-reminiscent pocket-sized gaming device gives you access to thousands of games that you can play anywhere, anytime. It’s small, lightweight, and endlessly entertaining.

From $299 at Amazon

Oculus Quest All In One Vr Gaming HeadsetOculus Quest All In One Vr Gaming Headset

Virtual reality FTW!:
Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset

Is this the future? It certainly feels like it when you strap on a virtual reality headset like this one from Oculus. The Quest headset comes with two Oculus Touch controllers that work with your own movements to transport you into a 3D virtual world.

$410 at Amazon

Playstation 5 ConsolePlaystation 5 Console

Newest of the new:
PlayStation 5 Console

This brand-spanking new console from Playstation is the latest in a long line of top-notch gaming tech from Sony. The PS5 comes with the reimagined DualSense Wireless Controller, and it’s faster with more graphics power than any other console on the market. It’s the best of the best, and the price tag reflects that.

From $XX at Amazon

Xbox Series XXbox Series X

For Microsoft lovers:
Xbox Series X

Never to be outdone, Microsoft was not about to sit back and watch Sony release a new PS without a new Xbox to compete with it. Not only is the Xbox Series X more advanced than previous models, but it will also support any Xbox games ever made, so don’t throw out those old games you bought in 2005.

From $XX at Amazon

Playstation ClassicPlaystation Classic

The original PS:
Playstation Classic Console

Newer models of PlayStation do not support older games, but if you love a good classic PlayStation game (Final Fantasy, anyone?), they do offer the Classic console. This comes with 20 preloaded games – yes, including FF VII – that will bring back all your nostalgic childhood gaming memories. It’s also pretty dang affordable.

$75 at Amazon

Nintendo Super Entertainment SystemNintendo Super Entertainment System

The original of all originals:
Nintendo Super Entertainment System

For an even more nostalgic gaming experience for true Millennials, this is your 1990s gaming treasure trove. Nintendo Super Entertainment System brings back all of our favorite Nintendo games from the first real gaming console ever made. It includes such classics as Super Mario, the Legends of Zelda, and Kirby.

$234 at Amazon

Playstation 4 ProPlaystation 4 Pro

Last season:
Playstation 4 Slim

If you don’t quite have the budget for a brand new PS5, the PS4 is a perfectly good gaming console with excellent graphics and a world of online gaming possibilities. This one comes with one controller and 1TB of storage for game downloads.

$435 at Amazon

Microsoft Xbox One S RenderMicrosoft Xbox One S Render

Play all the games:
Microsoft Xbox One S

If Sony is not your cup of tea, the last generation of Xbox is your next best bet. Like the PS4, it is not as powerful as the latest, greatest Xbox Series X, but it is pretty dang close. The Xbox One S comes with one controller and 500GB of storage.

$529 at Amazon

Game on

If you’re ready to get your game on, there are a ton of options when it comes to the best gaming consoles. We love the Nintendo Switch for convenience and portability. Despite its simplicity, this little console provides thousands of fun, addictive games for kids and adults alike.

Now if you’re looking for the Mercedes Benz of consoles, look into the brand new PS5 with its awesome new haptic controller and lightning-fast processor. There’s nothing faster or more advanced in the world of gaming. No matter your budget or gaming style, there’s a gaming console on this list that will deliver hours of fun to your household.

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