Poco M3 is a big-battery budget phone from the Xiaomi offshoot



(Pocket-lint) – Poco, the Xiaomi offshoot company, has revealed its big-battery budget phone: the Poco M3.

With a massive 6,000mAh battery capacity at its core, this Android device asserts it’ll be a long-laster from the off.

Paired with a 6.53-inch LCD screen, the physical size of the M3 is much like many current flagships – only its asking price, at $149, is considerably less.

So what’s compromised for this asking price? Well, you don’t get top-end power here. Supported by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 662 processor and 4GB RAM, it’s very much mid-level – although it’ll still work perfectly well with this processor setup.

Elsewhere the Poco M3 serves up a 48-megapixel main rear camera in a somewhat massive enclosure – which seems unnecessary as the triple rear system’s additional cameras are a macro and a depth sensor, neither of which you’ll really ever use or need.

Poco is keen to show off its name for sure – something we also said of the company’s X3 NFC device – as you can see from the large lettering on the rear of the device.

Still, for this kind of money Poco clearly has success in its sights across a variety of markets. There’s not much else out there to compete, unless you lean towards a low-end Motorola phone.

How $149 will translate into Euro and UK pricing we’re yet to find out. But we’ll bring you more Poco M3 information – as a handset is winging its way to us as we write these very words.

Writing by Mike Lowe.

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