Post Office’s broadband deal is the cheapest in the UK this weekend

Costing absolutely nothing upfront and just £15.90 a month – the Post Office's current broadband deal is the cheapest you can get in the British Isles. Just take a look at our broadband comparison if you want proof!

This is ideal for anyone looking to save big and isn't too concerned with speeds, with the average clocking in at 11Mb. It's very simply the best cheap broadband deal currently available, with your monthly bills coming in at less than £16 a month.

So if you're ready to bag this cheap broadband deal from a well-known provider, scroll down to see this deal in full.

Or, if you still want a great price but the Post Office isn't the provider for you – why not consult our fibre broadband deals guide for speedier options. For example, lesser-known Origin has got a broadband deal for £17.99/pm with average download speeds of 36Mb. We have more information on some of this weekend's most eye-catching broadband deals further down this page.

The super cheap Post Office broadband deal in full:

What other broadband deals are available? 

When it comes to cheap ADSL broadband, this is definitely one of the best options out there, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of other awesome options too. 

If you're looking for something faster and don't mind paying a bit more – then Vodafone's Superfast Fibre 2 could be the way to go. With this broadband deal you'd be paying just £23.95 a month for average speeds of 63Mb! And you even end up saving another couple of quid a month if your mobile is with the company.

BT just dropped the price of its Superfast Fibre plan, too, meaning the provider's price for that plan has never been lower at £27.99 a month to get average speeds of 50Mb.

Or if you fancy a freebie then Plusnet is an excellent choice right now, costing a mere £22.99 a month you would get average speeds of 36Mb and a whopping £75 cashback!

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