Qualcomm announces Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 and 4 Gen 1 mobile platforms

(Pocket-lint) – Qualcomm, one of the leading smartphone chip manufacturers, has announced its latest processors for mid-range and entry-level devices.

Just like the flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processors that launched this year, the new processors will also adhere to Qualcomm’s simplified naming scheme.

Being dubbed the Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 and Snapdragon 4 Gen 1, the processors will provide a much-needed update to the segment’s more affordable devices.

“Both Snapdragon 6 and Snapdragon 4 provide upgrades in their respective series to enable advancements in capture, connectivity, entertainment, and AI,” said Deepu John, senior director of product management at Qualcomm.

The Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 will allow for up to 200MP photo capture, with improved HDR imaging and allow for three simultaneous camera streams at once.

For gamers, it’ll provide up to 35 per cent faster graphics rendering and up to 40 per cent faster processing when compared to the Snapdragon 695 platform.

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The updated processor also allows for up to 2.9 Gbps 5G speeds, along with Wi-Fi 6E for the first time in a 6-series platform.

The Snapdragon 4 Gen 1 offers a 15 per cent CPU improvement along with a 10 per cent increase in GPU speed when compared with the Snapdragon 480.

It also supports up to 108MP shooting and up to 2.5 Gbps 5G transfer speeds.

Snapdragon 4 Gen 1 devices are expected to become available over the next few months, while Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 devices will be coming in early 2023.

Writing by Luke Baker.

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