Qubii Duo is the perfect way to back up your iOS and Android device

(Pocket-lint) – Modern smartphones have been one heck of a welcome innovation, transforming our lives by letting us take high-quality photos and videos with a slim device that fits in our pocket.

However, we also are all used to two chores that have come about as a result, which force us all to make sure we keep our phones charged properly, and to ensure that we back up their precious files often. Qubii Duo is the perfect way for iOS and Android users to tick both of those boxes at once. 

Charge your phone and back it up automatically

The concept is really smart – you plug a Qubii Duo into your USB charging plug, and it acts as a middleman while you charge your phone every day.

While charging your phone, the Qubii Duo will  make a backup of your precious photos, videos, and contacts information, stored on the microSD card which can be replaced when it’s full. This means you have an offline copy of all your precious files that you can fall back on.

All offline

Whereas you can back your phone up using cloud services and storage, this almost always involves a rolling cost each month to keep your storage activated, and has to be connected to the internet while it does so.

By contrast, Qubii Duo works entirely offline, so it doesn’t matter where you are when you want to get a backup of your phone saved. This is a huge bonus for anyone who travels or has unreliable internet access. Qubii Duo also works on iPad, Mac and PC.  Users can transfer files faster between devices.

Plenty of storage options

You can pick up a few different size options of microSD card for Qubii Duo, supporting up to 2TB capacity. This means that even if you have hundreds or thousands of high-resolution photos and videos on your phone you’ll be able to get a proper backup of them.

Password encryption protects your data

Qubii Duo features patented microSD card password encryption to protect your privacy and data. And because the backup  is saved to a microSD card, it’s totally private, and Maktar’s patented microSD card password encryption feature means that all files will be kept safe. Face ID and Touch ID are supported in the Qubii app, which also provides two-factor authentication to keep files secure and accessible only to authorised individuals.

Compatible with iPad, Mac and PC

The Qubii Duo is iOS and Android compatible, with users having the option between a USB type C or A unit. It can also identify different devices, and it won’t duplicate files. It is also compatible with iPad ,Mac and PC. The unique design of the Qubii Duo has also gained MFi (Made for iPhone) certification and the 2021 Good Design Award.

To learn more about the Maktar Qubii Duo, check out the Maktar website right here, or on Amazon here, where you can also order one for yourself.

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