Received a strange notification on your Samsung smartphone? Here’s why

Several users around the world have reported seeing a notification with just the number “1” displaying on their Samsung Galaxy phone. 

Samsung smartphone owners have taken to social media and multiple subreddits to report getting an unexpected push notification on their phone. Those users are seemingly from all over the world stretching from the US to Japan, Australia, the Netherlands and beyond. 

On Samsung’s support forums, one Samsung Ambassador has suggested it might just be a test. However, it seems more likely that it’s just a push notification sent in error via Samsung’s Find My Mobile app.

This app is normally users to remotely locate your phone and do other things to protect your personal data like blocking access to Samsung Pay, locking the phone and more. It seems it’s now been inadvertently used to send mass push notifications without user prompting. 

If you’ve received this notification, there’s likely no reason to panic at this point. 

It seems that this week is all problems for Samsung, first with display issues with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and now this. 

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