Redmi Note 10 will have a 5MP macro lens

(Pocket-lint) – We’re finding out more and more about the Redmi Note 10 as its prospective launch date gets closer, and Xiaomi isn’t being too secretive about the phone any more. 

For one thing, we know that it’ll launch in March, but we’re also getting more granular information about some of its specs. The latest tidbit comes from Manu Kumar Jain, Global VP at Xiaomi, on Twitter:

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It details the 5MP macro lens that the Note 10 will include as part of its quad-camera array, and the sample shots he’s included do indeed look pretty impressive, with good depth of field and sharpness.

Macro cameras are a slightly divisive inclusion in some camera setups, increasingly, though. We’re not the only ones who can sometimes feel like they’re the lens most likely to go unused by normal users. Still, there’s no downside to having one on board. 

Less officially, meanwhile, the header image for this article showcases a further leak of the phone’s packaging, shared on Facebook. It declares that the Note 10 will have an AMOLED display, 33W fast-charging, a Snapdragon 678 processor and a main camera that packs in 48MP. Given that this final section also mentions a macro lens, the photos look pretty genuine.

That’s a fairly solid spec list, but we’ll have to wait for an official announcement to see whether it’s totally accurate. Thankfully, that should only be a few weeks away. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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