Redmi Writing Pad With 8.5 inch LCD display and Stylus Launched in India

After the Redmi Pad, we have one more new Redmi device gracing us with its presence. The Redmi Writing Pad has just arrived in India, with an 8.5 inch LCD display and stylus. It’s ideal for the kids, students and little ones and it comes with a budget pricing.

Redmi Writing Pad has launched in India and it’s meant for taking notes, doing doodles and scribbling without the need for pen and paper. The device’s 8.5 inch LCD display doesn’t emit light and prevents eye fatigue after an extended period of usage. The portable digital notepad is quite compact and lightweight and measures merely 90 grams. That’s much less than a smartphone, particularly since the iPhone 14 Pro Max can even reach 240 grams.

There’s a button on the bottom bezel, which is able to clear the screen and start creating new content right away. We also have a lock switch, that freezes the content from being deleted from the panel. The Redmi Writing Pad is bundled with a stylus, that offers an easy grip. It’s pressure sensitive and it lets users create a variety of shades with every stroke. It can attach magnetically to the side of the device for easier access.

On board we find an user replaceable battery, that promises a long battery life. The LCD screen here only consumes a small amount of power when the screen is cleared. You can write up to 20.000 pages with a single battery charge. The price is 599 rupees, which is something like 7 dollars. You can find it on

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