Rumor: Samsung’s Foldable Tablet Could Launch Next Year

Samsung has so far only launched foldable smartphones, but the company is looking to change that. Reportedly, the company is working on a foldable tablet with a triple-folding design.

While not the first time that reports of Samsung working on a tri-folding device have popped up, the latest one claims that such a device will launch in Q1 2022 at the earliest.

Samsung Is Working on a Foldable Galaxy Tablet

The report from GizmoChina says that Samsung will be calling its tri-folding tablet the Galaxy Z Fold Tab. It is currently due for launch in Q1 2022, though initial rumors had suggested a launch in 2021 itself.

This report references the same double-folding phone that was detailed in March this year. While the original report had claimed that Samsung was working on a double-folding smartphone, that is seemingly not the case as this device is seemingly a tablet with a tri-folding design.

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There are no details about this tri-folding design. It will be interesting to see how small this tablet from Samsung can become when folded and whether it will be possible to use it in such a state or not.

Apart from the tri-folding design, the hybrid S Pen will be another highlight of the device. The new S Pen is expected to be a radical upgrade over the existing S Pen that Samsung offers with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and S21 Ultra. However, the improvements that it will bring to the table are not yet known.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 official

The report further states that Samsung will be using a better UTG (Ultra-Thin Glass) on the Galaxy Z Fold Tab. It will be thicker and reinforced, thereby offering better drop and scratch resistance.

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Samsung Could Preview Its Foldable Tablet Later This Year

While Samsung might not launch the Galaxy Z Fold Tab until Q1 2022, it could tease the product at its Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 launch event later this year. Samsung is expected to announce its 2021 lineup of foldable devices in early August. The company has already confirmed that there will be no new Galaxy Note device this year due to the chip shortage.

So far, we have only seen foldable smartphones hit the market, with some of them turning into compact tablets when unfolded. Thus, it will be interesting to see how a foldable tablet works out in real-world use and whether it offers any benefit over traditional tablets or not.

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