Samsung Galaxy S20 deals and price: How much does Samsung’s new S20 cost?

Here are all the Samsung Galaxy S20 prices across the range in the UK, US and the Euro zone. 

If you’re looking for the phones on particular US or UK networks and the S20 deals they’re each offering then we’ve got all the latest S20 pre-order information for you below as well.

Note the standard S20 4G isn’t available in the US, while the S20+ 4G isn’t available in either the US or UK. Basically, if you want a larger-screened S20 series phone in either country you’ll need to get a 5G handset.

The latest Galaxy S20 pricing and deals

  • Galaxy S20 4G – £799/€899 – not available in the US
  • Galaxy S20 5G – $999, £899/€999
  • Galaxy S20+ 4G – not available in the US and UK
  • Galaxy S20+ 5G – $1,199, £999/€1,099
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G – 128GB $1,399/£1,199/€1,349, 512GB £1,399/€1,549

The Galaxy S20 series release date is 6 March in the US and 13 March in the UK when it’ll be available everywhere. You can, of course, pre-order the S20 range now.

  • Pre-order the Galaxy S20 from Samsung US
  • Pre-order the Galaxy S20 from Samsung UK

There’s a couple of things to take into account here. Firstly, there’s generally always a premium for a 5G phone, which is about €100 in Europe. In the UK – if the list is accurate – that premium is around £100, too. 

  • Pre-order the Galaxy S20 series at Carphone Warehouse before 8 March and claim a free pair of Galaxy Buds

So if you’re looking for a 4G handset because you’re not ready to dive into the next-gen, then you’re looking at more affordable S20 devices from €900 in the Euro zone or £799 in the UK. 

  • Check out all the colors for the new Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra


Which US networks will be offering the Galaxy S20 range? 

As mentioned above, no 4G versions of the S20 are going to be available in the US. Pre-orders in the US are open from 20 February. The Galaxy S20 series release date is 6 March in the US.

AT&T is offering all three devices and all three will be able to access AT&T 5G. However, the Galaxy S20+ 5G and the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G will be able to access the faster 5G+ network. 

  • Pre-register at AT&T

Sprint may not be around for too much longer since it’s going to merge with T-Mobile and combine 5G networks (which will help T-Mobile’s mid-band offering). But you can still register your interest. 

  • Pre-register at Sprint

T-Mobile is offering the entire 5G range but they won’t all work across the low, mid and high 5G spectrum bands. The Samsung Galaxy S20 5G taps into low and mid-band 5G. The Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G and Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G use low, mid and high-band 5G.

  • Pre-register at T-Mobile

Verizon is beginning its preorder programme a day later on February 21. Again it is selling all three handsets but it’s only taking orders for the Galaxy S20+ 5G and Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G for now – the Galaxy S20 5G will be available later in the year. 

  • Pre-register at Verizon

Which UK networks will be offering the Galaxy S20 range? 

UK pre-orders are already open for the Galaxy S20 series. The Galaxy S20 series release date is 13 March in the UK. 

BT if you pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G from £64 a month you can claim a free pair of wireless Galaxy Buds+ earphones (note that these aren’t available on the S20 4G and 5G)

  • Pre-order from BT

EE customers who pre-order a Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G or S20 Ultra 5G on EE before 8 March can claim a free pair of Galaxy Buds+ earphones.

  • Pre-order from EE

Giffgaff isn’t allowing pre-orders yet, but you can register your interest in buying the phones from the network starting at £799 – the prices are the same as the SIM-free prices at the top of this page. 

  • Register at Giffgaff

iD Mobile is offering pre-order for the Galaxy S20 series, with prices starting from £27.99 a month (£249.99 upfront cost).

  • Pre-order from iD Mobile

O2 is offering the chance to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G or Samsung S20 before 8 March to receive your device up to three days early. 

  • Pre-order from O2

Sky Mobile will be ranging the latest Samsung flagship and 5G smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, Galaxy S20+ 5G, Galaxy S20 5G and Galaxy S20.

  • Pre-order from Sky Mobile

Three UK is offering the S20 series from £49 upfront and £46/month for 4GB data. However, there is also a special offer on all handsets where you get the first six months as half price.

  • Pre-order from Three UK

Virgin Media customers can pre-order the  Galaxy S20 5G devices now and will get upgraded to 5G for free when Virgin Media’s 5G services are available.

  • Pre-order from Virgin Media

Vodafone is offering the Galaxy S20 series from £60 per month (plus £29 upfront cost) with unlimited data.

  • Pre-order from Vodafone


S20 price rumours from before the launch

Having already suggested what the Euro prices might be, Max Weinbach – a source of many a Galaxy S20 leak – updated us with what he’s heard about UK pricing, featuring five different S20 models. This is pretty spot on with what we’ve heard from elsewhere. 

The list features the 4G and 5G versions of the regular S20, both 4G and 5G S20+ models and the high-end S20 Ultra 5G. 

If the list is an accurate representation of pricing plans, it’ll see the various S20 model starting prices range between £799 and £1,149. 

The £799 (€900, $1,000) is for the 4G version of the Galaxy S20. That’s the smallest of the phones on offer, with the other versions increasing in price incrementally.There are 4G and 5G versions of both of the S20 and S20+. 

The flagship Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is said to cost £1,149 (€1,360, $1,500), a hefty price by any measure.

The prices themselves are a little different to the EU pricing prediction Weinbach published earlier, which only included the 5G models of the S20 series, as well as a prediction on the Galaxy Z Flip. In that list, the Euro price for the 5G S20 was given as €900-€1000, with the S20 Ultra 5G at €1300. 

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