Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE is somehow more expensive than its non-Lite sibling Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE is official – it’s a mid-range Android tablet that’s designed as a more affordable version of the Galaxy Tab S7 launched in August 2020.

However the ‘more affordable’ part of that statement might not quite be true. That’s because, while the Tab S7 FE’s £589 (around $830, AU$1,080) asking price slightly undercuts the $649.99 / £619 / AU$1,149 that the Tab S7 launched for, the latter slate no longer sells for that much.

In the nine months since the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 launched, its price has dropped quite significantly. Products do get more affordable as time goes on, and Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day likely exacerbated that inevitability.

You can see Galaxy Tab S7 prices in your region below, so you can see how much it costs now (click ‘unlocked’ in the drop-down menu to get a better comparison of prices).

Just bear in mind, the Tab S7 FE price hasn’t been revealed in all regions, so we can’t make the blanket statement that the Galaxy Tab S7 is always the most affordable slate – but in the UK, the older tablet is about £50 cheaper.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE vs Galaxy Tab S7

If we take this new low price as its de facto cost, the original Galaxy Tab S7 seems like a great buy – its specs are higher and its price is lower than the Tab S7 FE.

Bear in mind, though, that while older products generally have lower prices, their costs can also fluctuate a lot more. In a week’s time the price might be higher again, or even lower.

Plus, we haven’t actually tested out the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE, and when we do, we might deem it better value for money than the original.

Still, if you were really keen to buy the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, we’d recommend checking out the price of the original Galaxy Tab S7 (and Plus) in your region, to see if it’s a better buy.

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