Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Launch Delayed; When Will It Debut?

Samsung launched its Galaxy Tab S8 series early this year, but after quite the delay compared to the Tab S7 series. One and a half year separates the two. Now a source close to the company claims that the Galaxy Tab S9 is also going to have its launch delayed.

We’ve been seeing recently a lot of rumors about the Galaxy S23 series debuting in December 2022 and the Tab S9 also, but now it appears that the slates will be introduced in 2023. The info about the delay comes from reputed South Korean tech news site The Elec. Samsung apparently decided for the delay on account of the “global economic uncertainty”. Basically, the economy is not doing well and people don’t have money for expensive tablets.

Also, since the pandemic has dwindled down, people aren’t working from home as much and aren’t requiring as many tablets and laptops. Samsung intended to produce 33.6 million units of tablets in 2022, but it could not be able to fulfill its plan. DSCC (Display Supply Chain Consultants) predicts that the tablet market will contract by 8% this year. The premium tablet category, which includes Mini LED and OLED models will grow by 22%.

The Galaxy Tab S9 series is rumored to have 3 models, just like the Galaxy Tab S8 series, meaning we’ll get a basic Tab S9, a Galaxy Tab S9 Plus and Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. The latter two will have OLED panels. Expect a debut in early 2023.

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