Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 to feature a 2-inch plus cover display?

(Pocket-lint) – A recent leak suggests Samsung has taken criticism of the Z Flip’s cover screen on board, and will increase its size in the next model. In fact, it’s claimed the screen – which is currently 1.9-inches diagonally – will increase to more than two inches.

Exactly how much it pushes beyond the two-inch barrier is unclear. But any increase in size is a welcome. 

The information comes from Ross Young – the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants – who regularly shares information about smartphone displays for upcoming devices.

While the improvement over the early generations was necessary to make it more useful, the current generation’s 1.9-inch cover screen could still do with improvement. In fact, it’s the one area where the Razr 5G from Motorola stands out.

With its 2.7-inch cover display, the Razr’s external panel can be used for a lot more than the smaller panel on the Samsung and is a much more useful camera monitor for snapping selfies. The closer Samsung can get to that, the better.  

Writing by Cam Bunton.

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