Save £50 on the brilliant Pixel 4a with this limited-time deal

(Pocket-lint) – Google’s Pixel 4a is one of our favourite budget-friendly phones in years, and makes a really strong case for a place in your pocket with its great screen and superb features. Best of all, though, it’s part of a limited-time deal right now*, knocking £50 off its price on the Google store

That takes the phone down from its already extremely reasonable price of £349.00 to just £299.00 – but it’s only active until 11/05/2021, so be sure to take advantage while you can! If you want to find out a few reasons why the Pixel 4a is such a great pick, though, keep reading. 

1. Superb design

First up, this is a great-looking phone. It’s small and compact compared to the enormous models that are becoming harder and harder to escape among flagships nowadays, with a big display packed into its diminutive body. There’s a tiny hole punch-out for a selfie camera, but otherwise it’s all display, all the way.

Google has a brilliant line-up of accessories for you to kit it out with, too, from beautiful protective cases to screen protectors and more, so you can be confident that you’ll be able to deck your phone out in a way that reflects your personality. 

2. Unbelievable camera

Something that the Pixel line has a huge reputation for, earned over the years, is the quality of its photography, and the Pixel 4a continues that lineage brilliantly. Its camera is an absolute marvel, using amazing hardware and Google’s peerless processing to end up with shots that look simple jaw-dropping.

All you have to do is point and shoot, and whether it’s night time or high noon you’ll get amazing reproductions of vivid scenes, superb portrait shots and beautiful landscapes. Considering it only has the one camera, it puts other phones with three or four different lenses to shame. 

3. Superb battery life

Another thing that Google concentrated on for the Pixel 4a was ensuring that its battery actually matches up to what people need from their phone – this is a device that you can rely on to actually make it through a busy day without dying on you.

It has intelligent systems to preserve battery when you’re not using the phone, and if you ever do need to top it up there’s fast charging to get it juiced up really nice and quickly. Now that we’re able to be out and about a bit more, having a phone that lasts through a day easily is more important than ever. 

4. Google Assistant built-in

This being a Google phone, though, you know it’s going to have some smarts that other handhelds can’t match, and the integration of the Google Assistant is just such a boon. You can ask the assistant for help any time, whether it’s setting a timer or finding out some key details about a question you’ve got. 

You can use it to send texts and start calls, and its voice recognition is second to none, so there’s no need for frustration or muddled instructions. It comes together with the features we’ve mentioned above to underline just how impressive the Google Pixel 4a is – and how great the £50 off deal that’s running right now is from a value point of view. Be sure to check the phone out on Google’s store now to take advantage, and remember that the deal expires on 11/05/2021, so you don’t have too long!

*T&C: Available only if user is 18 or older and provides a delivery address in the UK. Unless otherwise allowed, this offer cannot be combined with other offers. Purchase must be made on Google Store UK. Offer is non-transferable and not valid for cash or cash equivalent. Delivery charges may apply at checkout. Void where prohibited.

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