Say open sesame with these smart garage door openers

I love all the smart devices in my home. From almost anywhere, I can ask Alexa to turn on lights, play music, open curtains, and now she can open and close my garage door. Having a smart garage door opener not only makes it easier to gain access, but it can also remind you if you forget to close it, or even let you open it for visitors remotely.

Best Overall

Refoss smart garage door opener

Staff Pick

While the Refoss does require some physical setup — it uses a door sensor and is wired into the garage door opener — it is significantly cheaper than the othered, wireless choices out there. Because of the door sensor, it can also tell you how long your door has been open. The price is the big selling point, though, as it allows you to connect your garage to your smart home easily.

$35 at Amazon

Key by Amazon compatable

Chamberlain myQ

When it comes to wireless solutions, none are as budget-friendly as the Chamberlain MyQ. Not only does it work with most Chamberlain door openers, but it will also work with many others on the market. It uses a hub that needs to be near your opener, and it comes with a physical button as well that can be used if your phone is not available. It is also compatible with Amazons Key service so you can have your parcels delivered safely into your garage.

$40 at Amazon

Best for Automatic Opening

Nexx garage nxg-100 b

The Nexx opener is a wired solution, much like the Refoss, but has a vast array of interesting tasks that can be performed with it. Not only can the door be opened remotely, but it can also be opened by other people you designate — a neighbor looking after your house, for example — and can even be set to open and close the door at certain times of the day.

$75 at Amazon

Best for Multiple Doors

Genie Aladdin Connect

The Genie not only does everything the other openers do in this list, but it has the added advantage of the expansion. I live on a golf course, and a lot of houses here have a car garage door and a golf cart garage door. The Genie allows you to add a further two doors into your system — with purchased extender — for up to three doors working in one app. Very helpful if you have a larger home or a garage/workshop.

$56 at Amazon

Best for Easy Installation

Garadget Wi-Fi garage door controller

Using the power of fricking laser beams, the Garadget requires minimal effort to set up. It can be used on almost all garage doors and can track when your door is open and for how long. You may want to pick up some extra reflective tape to make sure your laser hits it, though. Another helpful trick is this garage door opener has an app for your Apple or Android watch, too, making it even easier to get into your garage.

$90 at Amazon

Best for Surveillance

Alcidae Garager 2

Kill two birds with one stone with this garage door opener/security camera. The garage door opener works simply by plugging directly into your opener while the unit magnetically attaches to it. The camera can be angled to a point where you need it, and it even has a speaker and microphone if you need to communicate with people as well. It’s a little pricey but is more comprehensive than anything else on this list.

$130 at Amazon

Open up!

Having a smart garage door opener is just one small way you can create a more technologically advanced home for a reasonable price. Being able to open my garage door from the Google Assistant on my phone is fantastic, and I’m sure it is just as satisfying from Siri. Our staff pick, the Refoss smart garage door opener is a budget-friendly choice for your first garage door opener, and although it can take a little effort to set up, it works incredibly well.

I’m also a big fan of the Alcidae Garager 2 as it not only acts as my door opener it also allows my wife to talk to me through the microphone and speaker on the security camera. It makes life a lot easier to be able to speak to her quickly and easily without breaking my workflow.

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