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Trying to keep up with the latest fashion craze can be difficult, but you can never go wrong with a scrunchie. Scrunchies have miraculously made their way through the ever-changing trends and gone from vintage to modern. Scrunchies are fabric-covered hair elastics that are actually less damaging on your hair than traditional hair elastics. That’s why we recommend the Top Brand Velvet Scrunchie. This scrunchie is made from soft synthetic velvet, which gives you a strong hold without causing unwanted friction against your locks.

Best overall: Top Brand velvet-feel scrunchie

Top Brand Scrunchie lifestyle

Top Brand Scrunchie lifestyleSource: The Metro Boutique

The Top Brand velvet-feel scrunchie comes in a pack of two medium-sized hair ties. These hair ties are made from 100% polyester that feels like soft velvet. Tie your hair up in multiple styles with these comfortable scrunchies.

Available in a dark black colour, these scrunchies feature a durable hair elastic. Customers have mentioned that although the sewing on the polyester covering could be better, the hair tie, itself, is actually quite strong. It works well with thick and coarse hair as well as with hair that is more fine.

You don’t have to about the faux velvet fabric shedding as customers have mentioned that although other scrunchies tend to do this, the Top Brand Velvet-Feel Scrunchies remain intact. If you’re someone who tends to lose hair ties often, you can rest easy knowing that this pack comes with a backup scrunchie.


  • Pack of two
  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Compatible with thick and fine hair


  • Stitching on the polyester could be better

Best overall

Top Brand Scrunchie RenderTop Brand Scrunchie Render

Top Brand velvet-feel scrunchie

Soft and stylish

This ties are made from faux velvet fabric and are compatible with both thick and fine hair.

Best value: EAONE hair scrunchies

EAONE hair scrunchie lifestyle

EAONE hair scrunchie lifestyleSource: John James Living

If you’re looking for a scrunchie bundle that provides an abundance of variety to match all of your outfits, then the EAONE hair scrunchies may be precisely what you need. This pack comes equipped with 21 satin scrunchies in a variety of colours. You can use these scrunchies to dress your hairstyle up for a big night out or slip them on for a casual, everyday look.

These premium scrunchies are made from high-quality satin, which is excellent for your hair. Satin is soft and slippery against your hair, so it does not cause denting or breakage. You can let your hair loose after being up all day without having to deal with any dents or frizz caused by your hair tie.

The EAONE satin scrunchies have an inner diameter of 4 centimetres when not stretched. This makes them the perfect size for kids and adults with thick or beautiful hair. This also means that these scrunchies can be stored comfortably on small wrists when not in use. You can bring your scrunchie with you everywhere you go.

This multicoloured bundle of scrunchies comes with a handy carry bag for easy storage. Some customers note that the satin scrunchies can sometimes carry a lot of static, however.


  • 21-pack
  • Multicoloured
  • Great for kids and adults
  • Made from satin


  • Can carry a lot of static

Best value

EAONE scrunchie renderEAONE scrunchie render

EAONE 21-Pack of Hair Scrunchies

Must-have multiples

These satin scrunchies comes in a variety of colours and are great for kids and adults with both thick and fine hair.

Best stylish: Fantesi hair scrunchies

Fantesi Scrunchie Lifestyle

Fantesi Scrunchie LifestyleSource: Fantesi Co. Ltd

The Fantesi bundle is an excellent addition to any hair kit. These fashionable scrunchies feature beautiful designs and are great for adding a little something extra to your look to spice it up. They can be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion.

Each scrunchie also has a pearl uniquely woven into the design for added style. However, some customers note that the pearl can snag and come off quite easily. The style of these scrunchies features a bowtie or bunny ear look, which can be worn dressy or casual.

Made from chiffon fabrics, these scrunchies can be used in several different hairstyles. Whether you’re looking to tie your hair up in a bun or tie it in a braid or ponytail, the Fantesi scrunchies can be manipulated to fit any style.

The elastic inside the chiffon covering is strong and durable. It is made to be compatible with both fine, silky, thick, or coarse hair. You don’t have to worry about them snapping or breaking while you’re wearing them.


  • 10-pack
  • Dressy and casual
  • For all hair types
  • Made from chiffon


  • Pearl comes off easily

Best stylish

Fantesi scrunchie renderFantesi scrunchie render

Fantesi hair scrunchies

Sleek style

This dressy and casual pack of 10 scrunchies is made from chiffon and features a pearl in its unique bunny ear design.

Best silk: VAGA cute silk scrunchies

VAGA scrunchie lifestyle

VAGA scrunchie lifestyleSource: Chloven

If you have dry, damaged, or weak hair, then the VAGA Cute Silk Scrunchies may be precisely what you need. These scrunchies are made from a blend of silk and satin, which makes them excellent for your hair as the slippery fabrics reduce tension on your hair. This is great for minimising split ends and offering a gentle solution to tieing up your locks.

Designed for all hair types, these snag-free scrunchies are durable while offering a good amount of stretch. You don’t have to loop your hair excessive amounts for the scrunchies to feel secure. However, some people note that they can actually be a little too tight if you have incredibly thick hair.

The VAGA Cute Silk Scrunchies come in a pack of six elegant coloured hair ties. Enjoy styling your hair in a variety of ways with these scrunchies. They are designed with clean, high ponytails in mind. However, they are great for other styles too. These scrunchies are also machine washable, so feel free to use as much hairspray as you like while styling your hair.


  • Excellent for dry, damaged, and weak hair
  • Pack of six
  • Machine washable


  • Can be too tight

Best silk

VAGA scrunchie renderVAGA scrunchie render

VAGA cute silk scrunchies

This pack of six silk scrunchies are great for dry and weak hair. They come in elegant colours and are great for all hair types.

Best scrunchie bun: PRETTYSHOP scrunchie bun

Prettyshop scrunchie lifestyle

Prettyshop scrunchie lifestyleSource: Lullabelz

The PRETTYSHOP scrunchie bun puts a unique spin on the scrunchie. Instead of the hair tie being sewn into a fabric encasing, these scrunchies are made from a blend of synthetic hair fibres. These scrunchies are perfect for fluffing up your buns and giving you extra volume in your updos.

The hair fibres used to create these scrunchies can resist heat up to 120 degrees Celsius. They replicate the appearance of real hair and are a great way to subtly add volume to your look. Turn a limp and lifeless bun into a full and expressive updo. These scrunchies have 30 grams of synthetic hair each and are popular amongst bridesmaids as they offer a simple way to create an elegant and romantic hairstyle.

These scrunchies come in a variety of colours to match your locks; however, some customers mention that it is hard to colour match online. You may have to contact the manufacturer to help you decide which colour is best for you.


  • 30 grams of faux hair
  • Simple way to do an updo
  • Resist heat up to 120 degrees Celsius


  • Can be hard to colour match

Best scrunchie bun

Prettyshop scrunchie renderPrettyshop scrunchie render

PRETTYSHOP scrunchie bun

Done-up do

This voluminous faux hair scrunchie is excellent for turning a limp and lifeless bun into an elegant and beautiful updo.

Bottom line

Finding a scrunchie that can effortlessly elevate your hairstyle from regular to fashionable while still working well with your hair type isn’t easy. It’s hard to know which fabrics are healthy for your hair and which fabrics actually work against your hair. You also need to consider whether the hair tie is tight enough, or loose enough, to hold your locks in place all day long.

That’s why we recommend the Top Brand velvet scrunchies. These scrunchies come in a pack of two and are made from a soft synthetic velvet, which is excellent for keeping your hair frizz-free. This fabric also reduces the risk of split ends as your hair can move freely along the soft material while remaining securely in place all day long.

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