Secure your ride when you’re not around with a new bike lock

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Today’s bike locks are better than ever. You no longer need to fiddle with a heavy padlock and chain or a flimsy combination lock that kitchen shears could slice through easily. We’ve spent some time locking our rides down and favour these phenomenal bike locks this year.


Best for any type of bike:
Via Velo U-Lock

Staff Favorite

The Via Velo U-Lock is a lock and cable system that works with any style of bicycle, including electric bikes. The heavy-duty U-lock fastens to your bike’s frame with included brackets, so you never have to worry about carrying your lock in a backpack or wrapping it around your seat post. Also included with the Via Velo is a long cable for latching around accessories or a post and two keys. This lock offers hassle-free installation and peace of mind.

#22 at Amazon


Updated combination lock:
Blusmart 5-digit resettable lock

The Blusmart security cable lock consists of twisted metal cables on the inside and a tough rubber coating on the outside. The weatherproof lock pin sets to any five-digit number, and that combination can be changed at will. Defend your bike with confidence with the 1.8m Blusmart cable. It’s resistant to saws, boltcutters, and other forms of thievery. This lock is hefty enough to handle any bicycle or small motorbike, and it comes with its only mounting clamp.

£12 at Amazon

Master Lock Cable LockMaster Lock Cable Lock

Pick-resistant design:
Master Lock cable lock

Master Lock has been making anti-theft devices since 1921, and the cable lock is one of the most secure locks ever designed. With a pick-resistant key locking mechanism housed in a steel case, this bad boy can hold its own. The attached twisted steel cable is covered with weatherproof vinyl and is 1.8m in length. That’s long enough to latch around any pole, car-bike rack, or even a second bike. This inexpensive kit comes with two keys.

£8 at Amazon


Add an alarm:
Oxford D Duo Max alarmed shackle

Anchor your bike to anything and safeguard it with an alarm. Oxford’s D Duo Max alarmed shackle is built from solid hardened steel. It’s literally impossible to break, cut through, or destroy. Unique to this model is the added deterrent of an audible alarm that sounds when your bicycle is moved or picked up after you’ve locked it. The alarm is loud enough at 120dB to grab the attention of anyone, including a bike nabber.

£50 at Amazon


Bike and gear lockdown:
Kryptonite Kryptolok U-lock and cable

The Kryptonite Krytolock consists of a 12.7mm hardened steel shackle that keeps an iron grip on your property, plus a double looped cable to secure your front wheel or accessories. The cable is covered with a protective vinyl coating that prevents rust and dust buildup. Double deadbolts engage the Kryptolock at both ends, and they’re pick and drill resistant.

£26 at Amazon

Bottom line

Our favourite bike security device is from Via Velo. We love the combined security that the U-lock and cable provides. And with a mounting bracket and two keys, this is a superb lock for any size or style of bike.

If your bike costs almost as much as your car, you’ll want the Oxford D Duo Max alarmed shackle. This is a massive bike lock, but it’s meant to provide the ultimate in protection. The shackle lock keeps a vice-like grip on your goods and an audible alarm shrieks away if anyone dares touch it.

And if you’re on a budget but still want the best your money has to offer, the Master Lock cable lock is your best choice. The lock is unpickable and the twisted steel cable uncuttable.

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