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Having a home theater is the dream of almost all movie buffs and not a small number of sports fans. Being able to watch your favorite movies or the big game on a massive screen, with all your friends is an exciting prospect. It can be daunting picking your first projector, so we have a list of the top models in their categories.

Best overall: Optoma HD243X (2020)

Couple watching a skyline

Couple watching a skylineSource: Optoma

When looking for an overall best projector, you need to look at a lot of different factors like price, the life of the bulb, and connectivity options. The Optoma HD243X — not the catchiest name — is an almost perfect blend of those features. Most importantly, the Optoma is a true HD projector with a native 1080p resolution. Often these projectors say HD, but it is upscaled and not very good. The Optoma looks crisp and clear when playing games and videos because of this native resolution.

The connectivity options are great with the Optoma too. If you are looking for a projector to replace your TV, you need it to have enough HDMI ports to support your cable/streaming stick and a game console, at the very least. The Optoma has two HDMI ports, as well as a powered USB that allows you to use a Chromecast to use your favorite streaming services.

While some people do report some “over splash” — that’s when the image isn’t crisp on along the edges — the effect is minimal, and the 3,300-lumen bulb does an excellent job at projecting a bright and clear image, even in a well-lit room. The lamp also has around 12,000 hours of life — that’s eight years at four hours a day — before it needs replacing, which is extremely helpful when the bulbs can be a little expensive to replace.


  • True HD 1080p
  • 12,000-hour lamp life
  • Two HDMI ports
  • A powered USB port for Chromecast


  • Some over splash is noticeable
  • Lamps aren’t cheap to replace

Best overall

optoma HD243Xoptoma HD243X

Optoma HD243X (2020)

Best bang for your buck

The Optoma is the best projector you can buy. The price, connectivity, and visual performance, all work to make it the best.

Best for portability: Anker nebula

Touch the top

Touch the topSource: Anker/YouTube

When it comes to portability, you can’t beat the Anker Nebula. You could easily confuse this tiny projector as a Bluetooth speaker, and in fact, the Nebula can be used as one, but it also packs a projection unit capable of producing a 100-inch screen. Now, we wouldn’t recommend using at 100-inch unless it was very dark, but for a night camping where you might project a 65-inch screen on your tent, the nebula is perfect.

The battery is said to last four hours while watching a video and up to 30 hours if you only listen to music. Four hours is enough to get through most movies — unless you are viewing the Lord of the Rings extended edition — and would let you watch several episodes of your favorite shows. The Nebula runs on Android, so you can stream all your favorite shows from Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Hulu so you’ll never miss another Grand Tour again.


  • The size of a soda can
  • 4-hour battery life
  • Android built-in


  • Not native HD

Best for portability

The size of a soda canThe size of a soda can

Anker nebula

Projection on the go

With the Anker Nebula, you can watch your favorite shows on the big screen anywhere you want, no strings attached.

Best for affordable 4K: BenQ TK800M (2019)

Chips and projector

Chips and projectorSource: BenQ

Sometimes you want to break away from the bland white or black boxes that represent the regular projectors. This 4K HDR unit from BenQ is a much more beautiful design than you usually see and packs a lot of projector in its sleek body. You get 4K HDR visuals that are stunning to look at, and a brightness level that makes it usable in most conditions. It even has an indoor and outdoor mode to help you get the most light possible.

The only downfall to this machine is the noise. It can be pretty loud, but if you are making a full home theater, your speaker should easily drown it out. Having to turn the volume up is a small price to pay for picture quality this good, however, so don’t the noise put you off.


  • Beautiful design
  • HDR 4K resolution
  • High brightness and contrast


  • It’s pretty loud

Best for affordable 4K

Beautiful projectionBeautiful projection

BenQ TK800M (2019)

Beautiful inside and out

The BenQ is a beautiful looking projector with a stunning picture that projects in 4K HDR. It’s an excellent buy.

Best short throw laser projector : VAVA 4K UHD

Landscape projection

Landscape projection Source: Vava

Short throw laser projection is the best way to create a home theater, but it’s pricey. There is no way to get this much technology at a low price, but if you are willing to spend the money, this projector from Vava is a fantastic buy. The quality is unmatched at 4K HDR, and because it is a short-throw projector, you can get a respectable 100-inch screen by placing the projector just 7.5 inches away.

The only real complaint here is the interface. It isn’t the most beautiful or the most intuitive, but that shouldn’t stop you from picking one up. If the image quality isn’t enough to sway you — and it should be — then maybe the built-in Harmon Kardon soundbar will be. No need to buy separate speakers with this impressive-sounding system.


  • Built-in Harman Kardon speakers
  • 100″ screen at only 7.5″ away
  • 4K UHD quality


  • It’s very pricey
  • The Android interface is not very pretty

Best short throw laser projector

Laser projectionLaser projection


High fidelity sound

If you have the cash to splash, the Vava short-throw laser is the projector to get. It looks and sounds terrific.

Bottom line

There is a lot of projectors to choose from out there, and some are so cheap it feels too good to be true. The Optoma HD243X (2020) is that perfect balance between cost and great visuals. Using it for games is a lot of fun, and the color and brightness make watching the latest movies a real treat, especially outside at night.

If you have money to burn, though, you would be hard pushed to find a better machine than the Vava short throw projector. The 4K HDR visuals are mind-blowing, and the sound is just as good. Of course, if you need a projector on the go, the Anker Nebula amazes me every time I think of a projector this good that’s so small. It’s worth picking one up if you do a lot of camping.

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