Show your love for Among Us with this cool swag

Among Us Merch

Among Us, a free Android game, is the talk of the town. The game has enjoyed a healthy bump in popularity, thanks to the help of some big-name streamers. And what comes with popularity? Merchandise, of course. Here’s some of the best Among Us merchandise we’ve found.

Get in on the fun

This is just some of the merchandise we’ve found for Among Us. Among Us remains one of the best games on Android, thanks to its price point and its accessibility. It’s easy to pick up and play and is a great game for parties, both virtual and in-person.

Our personal favorite merch that came from this game is the coloring book. Who doesn’t love coloring? Especially after such a stressful game.

We also love the astronaut plush toy. The tiny stuffed character packs a lot of personality, and it’s nice to have the squishy style close by for hugging. Any of these gifts will be a great addition to your holiday haul.

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