Spotify Makes Its Mobile App Easier to Use


Spotify has launched a new version of its mobile app for iOS. The new Spotify app is, according to Spotify, bigger, bolder, and better than ever. The changes are designed to make Spotify easier to use, with various UI changes to explore.

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Spotify’s mobile app has always been pretty solid. It’s easy to navigate, and finding what you need to find amongst the masses of content is simple enough. However, there is always room for improvement, and Spotify has decided to tweak its user interface.

What’s New in the Spotify Mobile App?

Spotify details the changes on For the Record. The company claims the new mobile app offers “a more streamlined, easy-to-use interface with fresh designs to actionable icons that will make playing your favorite song or playlist as simple as the tap of a button.”

The new mobile app features simplified icons. There’s now a universal Shuffle Play button that saves you a click. Furthermore, the Like, Play, and Download buttons (only for Premium users) are now grouped in a row in the center of the screen.

You can also see the cover art for all tracks everywhere except for in album view. This is designed to help you spot familiar songs without having to read the track listings. Lastly, a Heart icon will be displayed alongside all songs you have previously Liked.

Spotify is rolling out its new mobile app on iOS first, with Android to follow soon. If you want to access the new version, manually update your Spotify app on iOS. Then take the time to get to know the new version of the app and its user-friendly changes.

How to Share Spotify Playlists With Friends

While this isn’t the biggest update to the Spotify mobile app, the small changes do make it easier to find and play the music you love. And once you have saved your favorite music to a playlist, use our guide detailing the easiest ways to share Spotify playlists.

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