Take an accurate temp the easy way with a forehead thermometer

Forehead Thermometers

Forehead thermometers are a gentle way to take anyone’s temperature, but they’re especially useful for sick children. This type of thermometer is accurate, fast, and less intrusive than using an oral thermometer. With so many choices, which should you choose? Let us help.


Fast and accurate:
Metene Infrared Digital Thermometer

Staff Favorite

The Metene thermometer is equipped with infrared technology and takes clinically accurate temps in just one second. The inbuilt memory recalls up to 20 readings to help you track body temperature trends. This model takes both forehead and ear temps and is our top pick for its speed, accuracy, and affordability.

$23 at Amazon


A multi mode model:
Vigorun Medical Digital Infrared Thermometer

The Vigorun is paired with a high accuracy sensor probe and smart chip to deliver accurate results. This 5-in-1 thermometer measures forehead and ear temps, plus takes room, object, and liquid temperatures. Up to 35 readings are storable, and a bright LCD is easy to read in bright or dark places.

$30 at Amazon


Consistently reliable:
iProven DMT-489

The dual-mode model from iProven does forehead and ear temperatures. The iProven boasts top of the line calibration and delivers on accuracy, reliability, and speed. You can recall the last 20 measurements to keep tabs on illness progression, and temps are delivered in only one second.

$30 at Amazon


Take age-specific readings:
Braun 3-in-1 No Touch

Body temperature varies by age, and the Braun 3-in-1 is the only thermometer on our list to address this. With age precision built-in, you select the patient’s age, and the thermometer takes that into account when delivering results. This model can also measure object, liquid, and food temps.

$65 at Amazon


Best for babies:
iProven No Touch Thermometer

iProven’s non-contact thermometer measures body temperature from a distance of six inches away and has a built-in mute function, which means you never disturb a sleeping baby. Readings are accurate and fast, and the LCD changes color to alert you of fever seriousness. This thermometer can also be calibrated to measure objects or room temps.

$26 at Amazon


Fast reading:
Metene Instant Digital Forehead Thermometer

The futuristic-looking thermometer from Metene uses a German Hyman thermoelectric reactor sensor and is proven to be accurate within 0.1 degrees. You can switch between forehead and ear readings as needed. A transparent display at the back of the thermometer is well-lit but doesn’t disturb resting children. Smart!

$25 at Amazon

Get the most accurate temperature reading

We love forehead thermometers. Not only do they deliver faster results than oral thermometers, but they’re less intrusive. That means you can keep an eye on fevers even while someone is getting some much-needed shuteye.

Our favorite forehead thermometer is the Metene Infrared. This model is comfortable to hold, recalls up to 20 readings, and spits out results in just one second.

If you need a thermometer that will work for everyone in your house, we recommend the Braun 3-in-1 No Touch. The Braun takes your age into account and delivers fast and accurate results.

For babies, nothing is better than the No Touch Thermometer from iProven. The easy to handle design, silent function, and ability to measure body temps a full six inches away combine to make this an affordable model that fits nicely in any First Aid Kit.

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