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Laptop Case

Protect your laptop and make it easier to bring along with a laptop case. We’ve put together a long list of some top brands and styles ranging from shoulder bags to sleeve cases and even women’s purse-style bags. Here are the best laptop cases to protect your electronic investment whether you’re a student, traveler, or business executive.

AmazonBasics Laptop Computer Tablet Shoulder BagAmazonBasics Laptop Computer Tablet Shoulder Bag

Best overall:
AmazonBasics Laptop Computer and Tablet Shoulder Bag

Staff Pick

The best of the best is the AmazonBasics Laptop computer and Tablet Shoulder Bag. It holds both your computer and tablet with plenty of room to stuff cords, mouse, keyboard, and other accessories inside. And if you’re a student, you’ll find pockets for holding pens, paper, folders, and textbooks. The entire bag is well padded to keep your electronics safe, plus the outside is water-resistant to keep everything inside from getting wet.

$17 from Amazon

DHK Vintage Handmade Leather Messenger BagDHK Vintage Handmade Leather Messenger Bag

Best leather laptop case:
DHK Vintage Handmade Leather Messenger Bag

This beautiful, vintage-looking messenger bag is handmade from genuine leather. The flap covers multiple compartments, including a large pocket to hold your laptop. The front and side pockets and metal buckles give it personality, but also functional. You can keep pens, your cell phone, calculators, and other small items in the small pockets, but there are additional pockets inside that will also secure these things out of sight.

$51 from Amazon

ProCase Sleeve Case BagProCase Sleeve Case Bag

Best laptop sleeve case:
ProCase Sleeve Case Bag

Sometimes less is more, and that is certainly the case with the ProCase sleeve. This laptop case has just enough room to hold your laptop, with a small and shallow front pocket to hold any additional items like your cell phone. Because it is compact, the ProCase can be slipped into your briefcase or suitcase. This case is padded enough to prevent scratches and dust from getting to your laptop, plus it has both handles and a shoulder strap.

$22 from Amazon

Inatek Shockproof Laptop Sleeve CaseInatek Shockproof Laptop Sleeve Case

Best shockproof laptop case:
Inatek Shockproof Laptop Sleeve Case

The Inatek laptop case is a reinforced, sleeve-style bag that will absorb shocks from bumps and falls to help reduce damage to your laptop. It comes in several sizes, so you’ll find one to fit your laptop between 13-inches and 16-inches without a problem. The case has a sturdy handle that makes it look like a briefcase, and has a side opening to make it easier to discreetly place your laptop in, or take it out of this sleeve.

$19 from Amazon

Lenovo Laptop Shoulder BagLenovo Laptop Shoulder Bag

Best laptop case for students:
Lenovo Laptop Shoulder Bag

Although it is made by Lenovo, this laptop should bag case will hold any 15.5-inch laptop from any manufacturer. It looks sleek and professional and has several large and deep pockets to keep school supplies with you as you run between classes. The should strap is adjustable, so you can balance the weight appropriately. It also has a luggage strap in case you need to bring your laptop along on a trip.

$15 from Amazon

LOVEVOOK Laptop Bag WomenLOVEVOOK Laptop Bag Women

Best laptop case for women:
LOVEVOOK Laptop Bag for Women

This beautiful laptop case looks like a stylish women’s purse. Inside it has a designated sleeve for your laptop along with enough additional pockets and room to carry item’s usually found in a traditional purse including your wallet, cell phone, day planners, umbrella, pens and so much more. The top features a reinforced zipper closure and the shoulder straps are double stitch so they hold all the weight without an issue.

$40 from Amazon

NEWHEY Mens Messenger BagNEWHEY Mens Messenger Bag

Best laptop case for men:
NEWHEY Men’s Messenger Bag

This leather, messenger-style laptop case is designed with a personality and look that’s very manly. Made from waterproof canvas, the NEWHEY laptop bag has both handles and a shoulder strap. The front flap is secured with two buckles that are really snaps to make it easier to open and close. Inside features a large pocket to hold your laptop with an internal sleeve to keep your laptop from bumping or breaking. Additional pockets hold books, notebooks, pens, and cell phones.

$46 from Amazon

MOSISO Laptop Shoulder BagMOSISO Laptop Shoulder Bag

Best laptop case for travel:
MOSISO Laptop Shoulder Bag

This laptop bag has a luggage strap, so you can slip it over your suitcase handle and more easily transport it, along with all your other bags and cases, while traveling. This is especially convenient in airports where there isn’t a lot of room to maneuver several bags, and where you tend to need to keep your hands free as much as possible. The bag has separate laptop and tablet pockets, plus more pockets to hold reading materials, accessories, and snacks.

$19 from Amazon

AmazonBasics Laptop SleeveAmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve

Best value laptop case:
AmazonBasics 15.6-Inch Laptop Sleeve

The no-nonsense design of this laptop sleeve doesn’t waste space with extra frills or compartments. The AmazonBasics laptop case has a single pocket to hold a single laptop. It is padded to help protect your device from scratches and dust, and the bad has a zippered closure that is easy to use. There isn’t a handle or shoulder strap, so you will need to place your laptop and the sleeve into another bag if you need to free up your hands.

$13 from Amazon

Bottom line

The AmazonBasics laptop computer and tablet shoulder case is by far the best bag you can get to tote around all your electronics at once. It has enough room to store more items, like textbooks, magazines, or snacks without risking damage to your laptop. This case is padded to absorb shocks from bumps and falls and to further protect your laptop while it’s stored inside.

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