Teach your kids how to cut with child scissors

Children will get up to mischief, and it’s not possible to supervise them around the clock. A pair of scissors is dangerous in the hands of a child who’s still developing critical motor skills. Give the tot the joy of owning their pair by buying one from the following list of the best kids scissors currently available.

Best starter scissors

Melissa & Doug Child-Safe Scissor Set

Staff Pick

The Melissa and Doug Child Safe scissors won’t cut hair, skin, or clothing. The set includes two scissors that are easy to use by right and left-handed children. The glittery design will appeal to children and help them develop their skills. A handy storage pouch comes with the set to keep everything neat.

$9 at Amazon

For 4 years and older kids

Alex Discover Ready, Set, Cut Kids Art, and Craft Activity

Great for children aged four and up, get them to learn the art of cutting with the Alex Discover Ready Set Cut and Craft set. A comfortable squeeze scissor comes with practice sheets and stickers. The practice sheets have easy to see dotted lines to cut circles and spirals and build motor skills safely.

$18 at Amazon

Left-handed teachers pack

Kinderific Left Handed Scissors

Make sure all the left-handed kids get looked after with the pack of six Kinderific scissors. The soft grip is comfortable for the hand and fingers, while the stainless-steel blade makes it easy to cut the paper. A blunted tip is much safer for kids, while also made with kid-friendly antimicrobial materials.

$20 at Amazon

Very early age 2+ years

Maped Kidicut Safety Scissors

The Maped Kidicut Safety scissors are for children as young as two years old. Ideal for first-timers, the ergonomically designed scissors come with reinforced plastic blades. It will cut paper but not skin, hair, or clothes, and doesn’t conduct electricity. Your child’s smile will show how proud they are to own one of these.

$6 at Amazon

For older children

Crayola “Pointed Tip Scissors

Children who have mastered the art of cutting, and are older, can progress to use the Crayola Pointed Tip scissors. Very common in schools, these sturdy, long-lasting stainless-steel blades cut through a variety of materials. The handles fit right and left-handed users while the self-adjusting tension creates even clean cuts.

$7 at Amazon

Make it fun to learn how to cut with kids scissors

Children learn so quickly by observation and doing. They watch the parents and older siblings and want to emulate the same things. Owning a pair of scissors is acting like the grown-ups. Keep them safe while they learn by giving them our staff favorite Melissa & Doug Child-Safe Scissor Set . The two pairs of scissors that come with the set will safely cut paper along the dotted lines. The glittery design will attract their attention and encourage them to practice cutting without hurting themselves or others.

If you want to introduce them as early as possible, then go with the Maped Kidicut Safety Scissors that are designed for tots as young as two years old. The blades are made of reinforced plastic that will not hurt them. The cute designs on the plastic body looks inviting enough to continue their ongoing interest.

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