Tesco Mobile launches 5G in 24 locations from £15 a month

Tesco Mobile has launched its 5G service and has 5G deals starting at £15 a month for SIM-only, although you’ll need to pay upwards of £20 to get a decent slew of data – 20GB vs 5GB with the cheaper deal. 

If you want a pay monthly 5G offering, these start at £30 a month.

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Again be warned that’ll only get you 5GB of data per month; be warned that isn’t enough if you stream a lot of media. However, it is enough to get the mid-range but still great Samsung Galaxy A90 5G. 

The virtual network operates on the O2 network and so is rolling out 5G in all the locations where O2 has so far launched. That’s 24 towns and cities across the UK, including Coventry, Glasgow, Leeds and London.

Indeed, Tesco Mobile is actually half-owned by O2.

The network will switch on 5G in a total of 50 locations by the summer, including Bournemouth, Cambridge, Milton Keynes and Wolverhampton.

To get 5G, you’ll naturally need a 5G enabled device, SIM and tariff and be within a 5G coverage area.

All tariffs come with 5000 minutes and 5000 texts.

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