The Best Accessories to Child-Proof Your Smartphone


Taking care of children is hard enough without thinking about what they may do with your phone. Thankfully, there are accessories you can get that help to protect both your phone and your kids.

Let’s explore the six kinds of accessories that can protect your phone from your children.

1. Shockproof Cases

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Whether you’re protecting your own phone from drops, or letting your kids have their first smartphone, a shockproof case is a good investment. These differ from regular cases as they’re designed to absorb the shock from a fall. As such, if your child has a case of butterfingers and drops the expensive phone you lend to them, the case will take the brunt of the fall.

You can get shockproof cases for a wide range of phones like, for example, the Nicexx Samsung Galaxy Cases. The product comes in some striking colors, with each shade available for Galaxy S8 through to Galaxy S10 models, including the larger Plus variants. It’s more than just a pretty case, though; it can survive a 15-foot drop!

2. Screen Protectors

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Now that the main body of the phone is secure, it’s time to protect the screen. The aptly-named screen protector acts as an extra layer of defense over the phone’s screen. That way, if something scrapes or scratches across the phone’s screen, it will only damage the inexpensive protector. You can then freely replace the protector while keeping the phone’s screen safe.

Again, you can find a screen protector for your specific model of phone. For Android smartphone owners, the amFilm Glass Screen Protector is a good pick. It contains all the accessories needed to ensure good protection, including wipes to remove any dirt on the screen before installation.

3. Waterproof Cases

Mpow Universal Waterproof Case Mpow Universal Waterproof Case Buy Now On Amazon $7.99

If your kids are a little clumsy with their drinks, or you just have a baby that will chew everything in sight, why not try a waterproof case? These are sealed bags to encase your phone and keep water away from it. Typically, these are used to protect phones while you’re on the beach, or even in a bath. As such, these cases are more than enough to protect your phone from spilled juice.

Fortunately, waterproof cases are usually device-agnostic, you just need to ensure the bag is big enough to fit your phone. The Mpow Universal Waterproof Case, for example, supports phone up to 6.8 inches, enabling you to store your phone away from liquids. It does a great job of keeping its contents dry when submerged, and even allows you to use the touchscreen through the plastic casing.

4. Cord Protectors

Rancco Cable Protector Rancco Cable Protector Buy Now On Amazon $7.99

Now that your phone is safe from anything your children can throw at it, it’s time to think about the electrics. Phones need charging, and charging usually requires cables. If your phone supports it, you could switch to wireless charging. However, this is usually an expensive option. So, it’s worth looking into ways to secure your charging cables.

If you’re worried about a baby chewing on a charging cable, or you’re just concerned that a frayed wire might appear without you knowing, try the Rancco Cable Protector. The plastic cord cover is designed to keep protect cabling from pets and young children, too.

5. Cable Concealers

EVEO Cable Concealer EVEO Cable Concealer Buy Now On Amazon $19.97

Cord protectors are useful for protecting cables from physical damage, but there’s still the risk of accidental stragulation to consider. Fortunately, there is a way to keep the cables tidied away out of sight so that they don’t post a threat to your kids. Cord concealers lock the cables away in a runner leading from the device to the plug, leaving no cords exposed.

If you want to hide away all of your cords, it’s hard to beat the EVEO Cable Concealer. It comes with plenty of runner, all of which is easy and quick to install. The runners come in different shapes and sizes, allowing you to navigate crowded spaces and even around corners. EVEO also includes a PVC saw for cutting them down to size, and a measuring tape to ensure a tight fit.

This cord concealer is designed to stay stuck once it’s placed, so it’s not something you can remove and replace at will. However, you can remove the runner’s cover to replace the cables within, then click them back on with a childproof lock to keep prying fingers out.

6. Socket Protectors

LectraLock Electrical Outlet Cover LectraLock Electrical Outlet Cover Buy Now On Amazon $10.00

Sockets are by no means a fun toy, but inquisitive children will still try prodding things inside of them to see what happens. You can use protectors that cover the entire socket, but it makes it troublesome when you need to actually use it. Fortunately, there’s a solution that both protects the socket and lets you use it at the same time.

The LectraLock adds a hard plastic shell over your plug sockets that babies and kids will struggle to remove. However, it still retains its use by allowing wires to leave the box via a small hole. As such, all you need to do is encase the charging plug within the Lectralock and lead the cable out.

7. Cable Locks

Ruban Security Hardware Cable Lock Kit Ruban Security Hardware Cable Lock Kit Buy Now On Amazon $15.90

If your hardware has an unexpected habit of disappearing on you, you might want to consider a cable lock. These are permanent adhesive plates that attach to a strong cable, which itself attaches to something physically secure. When you need to take your phone with you, you can use the included key to detach the plate from the wire.

The Ruban Security Hardware Cable Lock Kit helps you achieve this for a very affordable price. It’s worth noting that the plate isn’t designed to come off once stuck on, so you have to be absolutely sure that you want to attach it to your phone before you do. However, if you do use it, the strong lock and cable will ensure your phone stays put.

Keeping Both Your Technology and Your Kids Safe

Children and technology can be a dangerous mix. At best, something breaks. At worst, it can do some serious harm to your child. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your kids and your phone from damage, whether it’s shielding the phone itself or the adding some of essential accessories we’ve discussed.

Now that you child-proofed your hardware, why not learn how to set up an Android phone for kids?

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