The Xgimi Horizon is an excellent choice to replace your Smart TV

Xgimi Horizon 1080 OnSource: TechnoBuffalo

Having a projector in your house as your main TV or as a secondary screen is incredibly worthwhile if you love movies as I do. I have set up a theater room in my outdoor area — living in southern California has its perks — where I can not only watch the latest movies, but I can put the projectors I review through their paces.

The Xgimi Horizon has been going through that rigorous process for a while now, and you will be pleased to know it doesn’t disappoint. If been using the Horizon to play video games, watch movies, and even TV shows, all the while trying to trip it up. I was impressed with almost every aspect of the projector, from the AI adjustments to the booming sound from the Harman Kardon internal speakers.

Xgimi Horizon 1080 RecoXgimi Horizon 1080 Reco

Xgimi Horizon 1080p projector

Bottom line: The Xgimi Horizon uses AI to make setup easy, and the 2200 Lumens means a crystal clear image, whatever the lighting conditions.

The Good

  • Android TV built-in
  • 2200 lumen light source
  • Automatic obstacle adjustment and keystone correction

The Bad

  • It’s very bulky
  • The AI is still learning

Xgimi Horizon 1080p projector: Price and availability

Xgimi Horizon 1080 Sound

Xgimi Horizon 1080 SoundSource: TechnoBuffalo

The Horizon is Xgimi’s flagship, along with the Horizon Pro, and as such is always in stock at Amazon and the Xgimi website. Since the release, I haven’t seen it out of stock, so you shouldn’t worry if you can’t rush to get it. It will still be there when you need it.

For $1,200, it sits at the high-end for a 1080p projector, but it also has features that few projectors have, such as booming speakers and excellent keystone correction.

Xgimi Horizon 1080p projector: What’s good

Xgimi Horizon 1080 Focus

Xgimi Horizon 1080 FocusSource: TechnoBuffalo

As I said before in my Halo review, Xgimi has impressed me with their line of 1080p projectors. The Horizon takes it up a notch from the Halo and is designed to be your main TV, rather than an extra to take around. The Harmon Kardon speakers are powerful enough that you don’t need extra speakers, but there are enough ports on the back to allow you to connect just about any peripheral you would like.

This projector is supposed to be your entertainment hub with two HDMI, 2 USBs, an optical and 3.5mm audio port, and even an ethernet port for the best connectivity. It packs a 2,200 ANSI Lumens bulb, which, short of direct sunlight, has offered me a fantastic picture throughout.

The Horizon from Xgimi ticks all the boxes for an HD projector to use as your main TV every day

One of the main selling points of the Horizon is the computational smarts it has. Of course, it comes equipped with Android TV, and while it is still waiting on its Netflix certification — Xgimi has told me they are actively seeking the certification — it does play Disney+, Hulu, and just about any other Android TV app, you can think of. Having a smart TV is a must in this modern age, and the Horizon feels exactly like using any other Android TV; simple and fun to use. All that said, that isn’t the smarts I’m talking about.

If you look closely at the first image in the gallery, you will see how, despite the odd angle of the projector and where the main light is projecting, the image itself is sharp and square. This is because of the Horizon’s innovative “Auto Screen Adaptation,” which allows the projectors artificial intelligence to figure out where the image should actually be and correct the keystone to fit it correctly. The resulting image is smaller than the normal image but is perfectly aligned. This is especially helpful when you are using a projector screen. You no longer have to worry about adjusting the projector’s position to fit the screen; just put it down where you want it, and the Horizon will fit itself into the screen boundary. It is impressive to watch.

These AI computations also factor in object avoidance, so if you are shining it onto a wall with sockets, or a pot plant, for example, it will shrink the image and move the screen, so those objects don’t impact your viewing pleasure. I do enjoy this aspect of the Horizon, though it does show one of the issues I have with it; the smarts aren’t always smart.

Xgimi Horizon 1080p projector: What needs work

Xgimi Horizon 1080 and Halo

Xgimi Horizon 1080 and HaloSource: TechnoBuffalo

While the AI on the Horizon is pretty clever, it can sometimes be irritatingly dense. While trying to set it up to watch Jungle Cruise it often failed to focus on the right parts of the screen or saw something briefly in the focus camera that it interpreted as an obstacle — a floating curtain, or at one point a moth — and so it randomly became blurry, or shrunk to a tiny size. Thankfully, once you have it in position, this doesn’t happen again, it isn’t constantly changing or anything, but it does irritate sometimes.

My wife was utterly enamored with the Horizon’s ability to fit the projector screen perfectly.

While I found those things frustrating, my wife was utterly enamored with the Horizon’s ability to fit the projector screen perfectly. We have limited space in our little outside theater nook, so being able to move the projector out of the way and still have it fit in the confines of the screen was worth the focusing issues to set it up.

My only other issue is the size. This is not a small projector, and while it is thinner than most, it makes up for it in height. It reinforces the idea that this is a device designed to find a home and stay there forever. This isn’t really a huge problem, and my wife thinks I make too much out of it, but she isn’t the one dragging it around trying to find a home for it. The Halo sits perfectly on top of my Manfrotto tripod; this beast, though, needs something chunky to hold it in place.

Xgimi Horizon 1080p projector: Competition

Halo Hero

Halo HeroSource: TechnoBuffallo

The Xgimi Halo 1080p projector is one of my favorite projectors and is an excellent choice if you would like to have a portable version of the Horizon. It isn’t as smart; though you can manually adjust the keystone, it won’t find the edges of a projector screen. However, it is much smaller and easier to move around to find the perfect position, something the Horizon can’t do.

If you are looking for something 4K, then you should check out the Xgimi Horizon Pro. It’s the same great projector but with a true 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution. It’s an impressive quality upgrade, but the cost can be prohibitive.

Xgimi Horizon 1080p projector: Should you buy it?

Xgimi Horizon 1080

Xgimi Horizon 1080Source: TechnoBuffalo

You should buy this if …

  • You want a stable home projector
  • You want great built-in sound
  • You want to project at an angle

You shouldn’t buy this if…

  • You want 4K visuals
  • You need something portable

If you are looking to replace your normal TV with something bigger, the Horizon from Xgimi ticks all the boxes for an HD projector to use as your main TV every day. The sound is excellent, with the ability to crank it up to uncomfortable levels — important for movies and sporting events — and Android TV lets you use hundreds of apps to level up the experience. If you are looking for a projector that you can take with you on camping trips, the Halo is more likely the right choice, but you can use the Horizon in the backyard, especially if you have a generator like the Jackery Explorer 1000 to keep the cabling to a minimum.

out of 5

I really enjoyed the Xgimi Horizon, and I can recommend it to anyone who wants an HD projector as their main TV or one that will be moved infrequently. I really enjoyed the smart AI, and I hope, with software updates, it will get even better at recognizing what is a hazard and what isn’t. The Horizon is now placed as my permanent projector in my theater room, and I look forward to watching some movies and playing some Destiny 2 on it with my family.

Xgimi Horizon 1080 RecoXgimi Horizon 1080 Reco

Xgimi Horizon 1080p projector

Bottom line: I really liked the Xgimi Horizon and could see it being used in a small theater room. The AI is excellent, and the picture quality is top-notch.

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