There may be no new iPad Pro in 2022 – and we’re blaming the iPad Air

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The iPad Pro (2022) was one product we expected to show up at the Apple March Event and it didn’t – instead, the iPad Air 5 debuted with quite a few features that seemed relatively Pro-tier.

There might not be a 2022 iPad Pro though. This comes from analyst Ross Young, who tweeted “I have insight on the 12.9″ MiniLED iPad Pro as well. It is doing really well. They don’t need to do one at 11″. Don’t expect it this year.”

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The wording is vague, so it’s not clear if the ‘it’ referred to in the last sentence is the 11-inch or 12.9-inch iPad Pro. But since both generally debut at once, the point is moot – don’t expect a new iPad Pro in 2022.

Oh, and a possible interpretation of the tweet is that you shouldn’t expect a 12.9-inch mini LED iPad Pro this year, but could see one with a different display… except the iPad Pro (2021) comes with mini LED, at least for the larger 12.9-inch model, so seeing an LCD or OLED one wouldn’t make sense.

The tweet also suggests that, while the large iPad Pro might retain its mini LED panel next year, the 11-inch version might not get an upgrade to that screen tech – that’s despite a few leakers suggesting such a jump up would happen.

Analysis: blame the new iPad Air

A new iPad Pro might not arrive in 2022, and it really doesn’t matter, because we’ve already got the new iPad Air.

Not only do newer Air tablets look like Pro ones and come with similar features, including compatibility with the Apple Pencil stylus, but the newest fifth-gen version has the same desktop-level M1 chipset that we’ve seen in the 2021 iPad Pros.

Not only is the iPad Air a handy Pro doppelganger, but it’s actually cheaper, and smaller too which makes it a better fit for backpacks. 

So a new Pro doesn’t make sense right now, not until Apple has found a way to improve over the 2021 models. And since there’s no M2 chip just yet, we can’t see much more it can do right now.

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