These are the best Captain Marvel Funko Pop! figures

Captain Marvel Funko Pop!

Captain Marvel is the newest hero to join the ranks of the Avengers, becoming an important member in the fight against evil. The superhero showed up in Avengers: Endgame and also starred in her own solo film, a first for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With a heroic drive and incredible super powers, Captain Marvel is going to be the name you need to know over the next several years. Get to know the superhero now by checking out these awesome Funko Pop! figures.

Heroic and stylish:
Funko Pop! Marvel: Captain Marvel Pilot Jacket

Staff pick

Captain Marvel looks heroic and casual in this Funko Pop!, which depicts the hero wearing her superhero outfit and a pilot jacket. Before she gained incredible abilities, Captain Marvel was a pilot in the Air Force, hence the stylish jacket.

$20 at Amazon

Higher, further, faster:
Funko Pop! Marvel: Captain Marvel

This Funko Pop! features Captain Marvel in a battle pose, as she gears up to eradicate evil. With her fists clenched and outfitted in her iconic suit, Captain Marvel looks positively heroic. Place this on a desk or bookshelf and exude confidence knowing she’s ready to protect the universe.

$11 at Amazon

Nice mohawk:
Funko Pop! Marvel: Captain Marvel (Glow in the Dark)

Captain Marvel is shown in her ultimate form as she goes binary, with energy surging through her (for us, that means she glows in the dark). The Funko Pop! figure captures Captain Marvel in her heroic suit while showcasing her iconic mohawk. When you have a choice between good versus evil, always go with Captain Marvel.

$35 at Amazon

Energy blasts:
Funko Pop! Marvel: Captain Marvel (Glow in the Dark)

Similar to our previous pick, this Funko Pop! figure is similar save for the fact that she isn’t wearing a helmet. With energy blasts charging up in her hands, Captain Marvel is ready to battle evil as she travels around the universe bringing justice to all.

$17 at Amazon

Cute kitty:
Funko Pop! Marvel: Goose the Cat

An unlikely star of the Captain Marvel movie, Goose the cat is an orange tabby that takes a keen liking to Nick Fury. But his cutesy appearance belies an incredible secret, as Goose is revealed to be a Flerken, an incredibly dangerous alien.

$11 at Amazon

Shape shifting:
Funko Pop! Marvel: Talos

Talos doesn’t look like the friendliest of aliens, and his shape-shifting abilities make him incredibly dangerous. But, as we learned in the Captain Marvel movie, you can’t judge a book by its cover, which is always a good life lesson.

$5 at Amazon

Not your average pet:
Funko Pop! Marvel: Goose (Flerken)

Who’s a good bo…Oh my god! In the Captain Marvel movie, Talos warned Nick Fury that Goose was a Flerken, but never did we expect the alien to be so terrifying. This Funko Pop! captures the moment the Flerken revealed itself for what it really is, right before it gobbled up the Tesseract.

$11 at Amazon

American hero:
Funko Pop! Marvel: Carol Danvers

Before she gained incredible abilities, Captain Marvel was known as Carol Danvers. But she was always a hero, having enlisted to be an Air Force pilot, where she went higher, further, faster to protect the skies from threats near and far.

$20 at Amazon

Starforce member:
Funko Pop! Marvel: Vers

In the Captain Marvel movie, we first meet Carol Danvers when she’s a member of a Kree military group known as Starforce. Her outfit may look different, but she’s no less heroic living among Kree society, honing her skills as a fierce warrior.

$8 at Amazon

Young gun:
Funko Pop! Marvel: Nick Fury

We meet a much younger, more inexperienced Nick Fury in Captain Marvel, but just because he’s younger doesn’t mean he wasn’t as ambitious or clever. Marvel did a fantastic job giving Nick Fury an origin story while presenting a convincing “de-aged” Samuel L. Jackson.

$7 at Amazon

Best friend:
Funko Pop! Marvel: Maria Rambeau

Another hero, just without alien superpowers. Maria Rambeau is a brave Air Force pilot and best friend of Carol Danvers. In the Captain America movie, Rambeau struggles with Carol’s alleged death while being a single mother, proving that not all heroes wear capes.

$9 at Amazon

Nice hair:
Funko Pop! Marvel: Captain Marvel (Masked)

When the mission calls for it, Captain Marvel dons a mask, but not without making a statement. She lets her hair poke through the top, showcasing what is easily the best hair in all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

$28 at Amazon

The Mentor:
Funko Pop! Marvel: Yon Rogg

Played in the movie by Jude Law, Yon Rogg is a strict warrior who mentors Carol Danvers. He’s an important part of Kree’s Starforce, but his role isn’t what it seems, as we later learn.

$7 at Amazon

You will be accused:
Funko Pop! Marvel: Ronan

Audiences will recognize Ronan from Guardians of the Galaxy, but he also had a bit part in Captain Marvel. Honestly, Lee Pace, who plays Ronan, should be given an expanded role in a superhero franchise, because he’s electric onscreen.

$13 at Amazon

Funko Pop! Marvel: Korath

Another character who shows up in Guardians of the Galaxy, Korath is a Kree warrior who becomes involved with Ronan’s nefarious plans. He doesn’t have a major role in Captain Marvel, but he’s one of those characters you love to see onscreen.

$20 at Amazon

Higher, further, faster

To see these characters onscreen is a privilege; seeing them turned into Funko Pop! figures is downright delightful. It’s so hard to choose just one because they all look fantastic.

Of course, you can’t start a collection of Captain Marvel Funko Pop! without first getting Captain Marvel. We like the strong but casual figure, which displays the hero in her iconic suit while wearing a pilot jacket.

When you start to round out your Captain Marvel collection, it wouldn’t be complete without Goose the Cat, an adorable but dangerous addition to the MCU we didn’t know we needed.

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