These are the five leading SIM only deals this weekend: Three, EE, Vodafone and more

Now that the UK is in a perpetual cycle of bad weather, stormy winds and heavy rain, there isn't a whole lot of point in going outside this weekend. So what to do instead? Finally finding that SIM only deal you need to put in your phone now your contract has ended?

Yes, we're aware that in the long list of the funnest ways to spend your weekend, that ranks pretty low. With that in mind, we thought we might help speed the process along a little bit by picking out the five best SIM plans around right now.

With big cashback options on Vodafone, 1-month rolling contracts in a while and a Three unlimited dataoffer which just refuses to let anything else top it, there are a lot of great choices out there right now.

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Our top 5 best SIM only deals this week:

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