This cheap Asus Chromebook is almost 50% off for today only

You can get this Asus Chromebook for almost 50% off for today only at Best Buy, making it one of the best cheap laptop deals you can buy right now.

If you just need a basic machine for general browsing or light schoolwork, then this 14-inch Asus Chromebook is a steal at $129. It’s one of the lowest prices we’ve seen for an entry-level laptop following the $88 and $97 deals on similar Chromebooks over Black Friday. It’s slightly more, then, but we haven’t spotted anything cheaper today.

The Intel Celeron processor, 4GB of RAM and 32GB hard drive are all the usual components we would expect to see at this price range. Of course, they won’t be up to the most intense multitasking or more involving jobs, but if you just need a cheap laptop to handle light browsing or general schoolwork then it will be up to the task. It does feature a 14-inch screen, though, which is a nice inclusion when many cheap Chromebooks around this price would usually only be 11-inches.

If you like the look of it then best not to hang about for too long as this Best Buy Deal of the Day will expire at midnight tonight.

Asus Chromebook deal at Best Buy

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