This surprising Black Friday tablet deal drops the price of the brand-new iPad Air 4 apple Black Friday tablet deals

One of the best Black Friday tablet deals for an iPad started about two weeks ago, and we thought it’d sell out immediately, but it didn’t – that means you’ve got another chance at picking it up.

This Black Friday deal cuts between £24 and £34 off different size variants of the iPad Air 4. If that doesn’t sound like a huge price cut, just remember the tablet only launched about a month back. It’s a brand-new slate, and this saving is very surprising to say the least.

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Apple Black Friday deals: iPad Air 4 at Amazon

Given Apple products often take a year to go on sale, this small price cut could mean big things for people who want a new tablet. The new low price is super-competitive to the Black Friday iPad Pro deals we’ve been seeing, meaning you might prefer the Air 4 over the new Pro models.

We’ve fully reviewed the new iPad Air 4 and it’s easily one of our favourite tablets right now. Yes, it is indeed a little heavier on the wallet than previous installments but the new iPad Air isn’t just an iterative improvement – it’s a new direction for the awkward middle child of the iPad family. 

We reckon this is likely as low as the new iPad Air 4 will go with this year’s Black Friday iPad deals as Amazon and other retailers tend to not offer anything too generous on the new releases. The standard 2020 iPad and 2020 iPad Pro’s are already experiencing stock issues right now as well at Amazon, so we wouldn’t hang around if you’re eyeing up this lavish new Apple tablet.

Just bear in mind: Amazon says the tablets will be dispatched in one to two months. So don’t buy the iPad Air 4 here if you need it urgently.

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