Three Mobile loophole: New and existing customers can still get free roaming for two years or more

(Pocket-lint) – Three recently announced its plans to ditch Go Roam – its free roaming benefit that covers the EU, US and many other countries.

The new charges of £2 per day for the EU, £5 a day for other Go Roam locations will come into effect from May 2022. However, Pocket-lint has discovered – and confirmed – a way to extend free roaming beyond that. In fact, you could extend it by two years or more.

The roaming charges will be applicable to any contract taken out or renewed from 1 October 2021. And, even if the charges don’t start until next May, any contract starting after that date will be subject to them.

How to get Go Roam free roaming on Three beyond May 2022

But, if you take out or renew a contract before 1 October you get free roaming for as long as the contract lasts. So, take out a 24-month contract by the end of play on 30 September 2021, such as the SIM-only unlimited plan for £10 a month for the six months, £20 a month thereafter, and you will get a further two-years of Go Roam with no extra costs.

It works with non-SIM-only plans too, and we’re expecting the iPhone 13 before the end of the month. So you could also treat yourself with Apple’s new device on a new contract and benefit from free roaming for its length.

Pocket-lint has also learned of an even more enticing deal – a way to get free roaming indefinitely. A Three spokesperson confirmed to us that one-month SIM-only deals taken before 1 October will be exempt. That means they will continue to be eligible for free roaming until you leave the network or change contracts.

This deal for an unlimited one-month SIM-only plan for £24 per month seems particularly good therefore, as you get free roaming in perpetuity.

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And, if you are already on a one-month SIM-only plan, you do not have to do anything – you will continue to get Go Roam for free, even after May next year.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 10 September 2021.

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