Time to branch out: Display potted trees on a decorative stand

Indoor Tree Stands

Plants help reduce stress, filter the air, and just look beautiful. You can use a tree stand indoors to help lift your larger plants off the floor and add a little more depth to your decor. Here are several different styles made from a variety of materials. One is sure to match your decorating scheme and bring a little more pizzaz.

Bottom line

Trees are a lot heavier than most potted plants, so to display them in your home you’ll need a good, heavy-duty stand. The AISHN metal holder will hold small or large trees without a problem and will add a little flair with the intricate designs in the metal. It comes with four different stands so all your plants can be displayed in the same way. However, we personally like the look of the Mkono Mid Century plant stand. It is made from natural wood so it has a more neutral look and matches most decor. You can flip the stand over to make your indoor tree stand higher or lower and it will hold potted plants between 8-inches and 14-inches in diameter.

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