‘Timely and necessary’—Comcast Business expands Texas data center footprint

Comcast Business’ portfolio will now include a presence at more than 500 data center locations across the U.S.

Comcast Business announced the expansions of its Texas data center footprint, citing a “growing demand for cloud services and business solutions.” Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin are all on the list for new partnerships, and once those data centers are up and running, Comcast Business’ portfolio will include a presence at more than 500 data center locations across the United States, claimed the company.

Comcast called its new data center partnerships in Texas “timely and necessary” because of the state’s reputation as a great place to do business. In 2022, for instance, Texas was named the best state for business for the 18th consecutive year and the year prior, saw a nearly 4% increase of its Gross Domestic Product. “Texas continues to experience an unprecedented influx of organizations migrating their operations to the state,” stated Comcast.

Further, the increasing threat from natural disasters like hurricanes and inclement weather events like ice storms makes access to the types of connectivity solutions Comcast provides — Ethernet connectivity, direct cloud on-ramp services, software-defined networking solutions like SD-WAN, etc. — via a data center connection particularly critical. Such events, argued Comcast, represent a very real danger to businesses.

“As businesses look to shore up their disaster preparedness plans, data center connectivity can help ensure that their data is safe and accessible in the cloud, regardless of any physical damages that might occur during a storm,” the company said.

“Whether supporting individual moments in time such as hurricane season, or longer-term initiatives like transitioning to cloud-based services, it has become increasingly critical for businesses to invest in solutions that enhance connectivity and flexibility, as well as ensure the safety of data,” said Vince Margiotta, vice president of business services for Comcast’s Texas Region. “We are proud to expand our partnerships with data centers across the state of Texas, as our combined offerings have the potential to make a huge impact on the way businesses work and define success across the region.”

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