Transcribe Speech in Real Time With Google Translate

You can now transcribe speech in real time using the Google Translate app. Google Translate’s transcription feature allows you to have anything said within earshot to be translated and transcribed in an instant. And all using your humble smartphone.

Google Translate Now Offers Real-Time Transcription

Google announced Translate’s new ability to transcribe speech in real time in a post on The Keyword. The company explains that “you can use the Google Translate Android app to transcribe foreign language speech as it’s happening.”

The feature works with any combination of English, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai. So, if you’re an English speaker listening to someone tell a story in Russian, Google Translate can transcribe it for you. And vice versa.

How to Transcribe Speech Using Google Translate

To get Google Translate to transcribe speech in real time, first, update the Google Translate app on Android. Then, open the app, and click the Transcribe button on the home screen. Finally, select the source and target languages from the dropdown menu.

Google Translate will then listen to what is being said in the source language, translate it into the target language, and transcribe it onto your smartphone screen in real time. Enabling you to read what is being said as it’s being said.

If something goes wrong, you can pause or restart the transcription by pressing the microphone icon. Or, if you head into the Settings menu, you can see the original transcription, change the size of the text, and/or choose a dark theme.

Download: Google Translate on Android | iOS

Google Is Getting Better at Translating Languages

Google Translate’s new transcription feature is currently only available on Android. It also only supports the eight languages mentioned above. However, Google is working on bringing the feature to iOS in the future, and is bound to add more languages over time.

Google is rapidly ramping up its translation efforts across all of its apps. Google Assistant now offers real-time translations, allowing you to use it as a translator. And Google Maps can now translate place names, helping you to pronounce place names correctly.

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