Uber Now Lets You Report Safety Incidents Discreetly

Uber has launched a new On-Trip Reporting feature. This enables riders to report a non-emergency safety issue in real time rather than waiting until after the trip has ended. The idea being to allow riders to report issues while they’re still fresh in their minds.

Uber Has Changed the Way We Interact With Drivers

Uber and its rivals have fundamentally changed the way we get around, especially in big cities. However, while traditional taxis offer professional drivers and a barrier between drivers and passengers, ride-sharing apps have changed that relationship.

This has, rather inevitably, led to an increase in safety issues. And these range in severity from bad driving to murder. If a serious incident is developing, riders should call 911. However, Uber has now launched a way for riders to report non-emergency safety issues.

How to Use Uber’s On-Trip Reporting Feature

Uber announced its On-Trip Reporting feature in a post on the Uber Newsroom. The company states that it gives riders “the ability to report a non-emergency safety issue in real time while it is top of mind, instead of waiting until after the trip has ended.”

Uber has launched On-Trip Reporting after its research showed that riders tend not to report experiences that make them feel uncomfortable after a trip has ended. So, it’s encouraging riders to use this feature to report issues at the time they happen.

To report a non-emergency safety issue, first, open the Safety Toolkit (accessed by clicking on the blue shield icon). Then, click Report Safety Issue, and fill in the details. The incident will be logged, and Uber’s safety team will follow up after the trip.

This isn’t intended for emergency situations such as a traffic accident or a physical assault. In those instances you should ring the emergency services. However, On-Trip Reporting is for those instances where you need to report a non-emergency safety issue.

Uber Is Trying to Keep Riders and Drivers Safe

Uber is clearly trying to do more on safety, with several systems in place to ensure both riders and drivers stay safe. In 2018, Uber introduced a slew of new safety features, and On-Trip Reporting is another effort intended to keep everyone safe from harm.

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