Use electricity to manage joint and muscle pain with a TENS unit


A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator, or TENS unit, uses electricity to naturally relieve pain in joints, muscles, and deep tissue. Sometimes a TENS unit includes an EMS setting or electronic muscle stimulation, to encourage muscle growth. And some people use an EMS device for both muscle stimulation and pain management. But a TENS unit is the best for pain management. Here are our picks for the best TENS units.

Belifu Dual0channel Tens UnitBelifu Dual0channel Tens Unit

Best overall:
Belifu Dual Channel TENS EMS Unit

Staff Pick

The Belifu Dual Channel TENS unit features ten pads that direct electronic waves to various points of your body. The dual-channel means you can treat pain in two different parts of the body at the same time. This TENS unit has 24 preset modes with settings ready for specific areas like feet, knees, neck, and back. It also has EMS settings to help stimulate muscle growth. It comes with a storage bag.

$36 from Amazon

Nuemedics Muscle Massager Tens UnitNuemedics Muscle Massager Tens Unit

Best for bodybuilders:
NueMedics Pulse Massager Tens Unit

NueMedics has 20 different settings to help stimulate and massage sore muscles, including a pulse setting. It has 10 pads and electrodes to deliver pain relief to the most area. There are EMS settings, too, making this a good unit for bodybuilders that need muscle stimulation and for relieving pain in the neck, shoulders, and joints.

$38 from Amazon

Auvon Dual Channel Tens UnitAuvon Dual Channel Tens Unit

Most versatile TENS unit:
AUVON Dual Channel TENS Unit

This TENS unit comes with eight pads in two different sizes along with two separate channels. This means you can place the larger pads on your leg or knee and use the small pads on your arms, shoulder, or neck at the same time. The unit has preset for different body areas, but you can also manually control the intensity and mode of the current.

$36 from Amazon

ArchMage Muscle Stiumlator Tens UnitArchMage Muscle Stiumlator Tens Unit

Value TENS unit:
ArchMage Muscle Stimulator TENS Unit

The ArchMage muscle stimulator unit doesn’t cost as much as other TENS units, but it is still very effective at naturally relieving muscle pain and massaging deep tissue. It has 16 intensity settings for the type of pain you’re experiencing. These include tennis elbow, back strains, and joint aches. This TENS unit is small for easy transport and includes four reusable pads.

$20 from Amazon

Tens 700 Tens UnitTens 700 Tens Unit

Best prescription-strength:
TENS 700 Digital TENS Unit with Accessories

The TENS 700 unit has dual controls to deliver electronic waves to the sorest points of your body. The relief is so effective, users compare it to using prescription-strength pain relievers. This TENS unit comes with four reusable pads and has a handheld unit that is easy to program and adjust during use. Settings include pulsing massage and acupressure.

$29 from Amazon

Natural pain management

The Belifu dual channel TENS unit is our top pick because it gives you the tools to relieve pain in most areas and in multiple areas at once. The dual channels let you independently set and adjust pulses, while the ten reusable pads ensure the entire affected area is treated. There are 24 preset settings, and the Belifu includes EMS settings to help stimulate muscle growth.

For effective pain relief for a bit less money, have a look at the ArchMage device. This TENS unit also has dual channels and some preset settings for administering pain therapy to select body areas. It only has four pads, so you will take more time to get the results you want, but the pads are reusable and overall the ArchMage is still effective as a natural pain management device.

Warning! It is not recommended for people with a pacemaker or other permanent electronic medical device to use a TENS unit.

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