Vivo Apex 2020 concept phone to launch on 28 February, with 120-degree waterfall display

Smartphone season is in full swing, and the next company to show its hand for 2020 is Vivo, with its next Apex series concept phone. 

The manufacturer has been teasing details of its next smartphone on Weibo, where it has announced that the phone will be unveiled on 28 February. 

But that’s not all, the Apex will continue to the series’ ethos of introducing concept-like technologies. 

This time, that specifically means using a waterfall screen on the front, with tight curves that extend around halfway down the sides of the phone. 

Waterfall displays being employed typically means that there’s no room for physical buttons, and looking at the phone’s promotional image, it certainly seems that’s the case. 

What’s more, the render of the phone appears to show a screen that expands from top edge to bottom edge with very little in the way of bezel. If it’s an accurate representation, it will be the skinniest bezels we’ve ever seen on a smartphone. 

Vivo states that this waterfall display will feature a 120-degree curve around the side, making it look completely borderless from the front.  

Of course, without seeing official product shots, it’s hard to tell how accurate the render on the poster is, but it wouldn’t be unlike Vivo to try something this daring on an Apex phone. 

In 2019, the Apex was one of the first phones to launch with no buttons or ports of any kind. The previous year, it had an almost truly edge-to-edge display.

As well as this expansive bezel-free screen, the Apex 2020 is also set to feature a dual camera system on the back, where the top square-looking lens is a periscope-like zoom lens similar to the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom. 

We don’t know when it’ll be available to buy, but we’ll get all the details on Friday when it launches. 

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