Vodafone offers free access to NHS Online during coronavirus

Vodafone has revealed it will not charge customers for accessing the NHS’s online services during the coronavirus pandemic.

While access to NHS Online isn’t likely to consume a significant amount of data, the zero-rating will ensure even those with a relatively low or no data allowance can get the information they require.

Proactive self-isolation is an core element of the government’s current coronavirus strategy, therefore it is essential that everyone in the country has access to the latest guidance. Phone calls to the NHS’s 111 phone number are already free on all operators.

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Vodafone coronavirus

“Access to reliable health information has never been more crucial,” the operator said in a statement. “Therefore, Vodafone is giving all its mobile customers, including VOXI and TalkMobile customers, free access to NHS UK online, including the web sites of NHS England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, so that they can get the latest health information at no additional cost.

“Free access to these services will be available for as long as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) remains prevalent in the UK. While many Vodafone customers are already using our unlimited data plans, we want all our customers to be able to access these NHS online services without having to worry about data charges.”

In Spain, Telefonica is giving all its mobile customers an additional 30GB during the crisis while AT&T has eliminated data caps for its residential broadband service.

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