Wells Fargo banks on the public cloud with Google, Microsoft

Wells Fargo has announced a new public cloud digital infrastructure plan that taps both Google and Microsoft. The banking firm will use Azure as its primary public cloud provider, while Google Cloud provides other business-critical services.

“The Wells Fargo of tomorrow will be digital-first and offer easier-to-use products and services, and all of that starts with driving speed, scalability and enhanced user experience through the next generation digital infrastructure strategy we’re announcing today,” said Saul Van Beurden, Wells Fargo’s head of Technology. 

Microsoft will provide foundational services for Wells Fargo, and will also deliver data and analytics services. Google Cloud will handle advanced workloads, AI and data solutions. Wells Fargo also plans to transition to third-party data centers.

Google Cloud has seen some high-profile wins in 2021. It partnered with SpaceX to link its burgeoning Starlink satellite network, Vodafone to develop a global data analytics platform and a strategic partnership with Nokia to develop cloud-native 5G and compute edge technology.

Microsoft Azure and AT&T announced a strategic partnership in July that sees AT&T’s 5G network traffic moving to Microsoft’s cloud, which will require AT&T’s carrier-grade Network Cloud platform technology. Nokia has spread its bets between Microsoft, Google and AWS as it develops vRAN and OpenRAN technology that works with public cloud services.

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