Whatever’s on the menu serve it hot from the oven in a casserole dish

casserole dishes

Casseroles became a popular dinner meal in the 50s, and while they may not be as common in many kitchens, casserole dishes are still an important staple. Coming in a variety of sizes, casserole dishes can be used to back rolls and cakes, make lasagna and other pasta dishes, or roast a small turkey or ham. Smaller casserole dishes are commonly used for side dishes like yams, or green bean casserole. Here are several popular casserole dishes in a variety of sizes with several feature patterns that make serving food straight from the oven more delightful.

OXO Good Grips Casserole DishOXO Good Grips Casserole Dish

Best overall:
OXO Good Grips Freezer-to-Oven casserole dish

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The OXO casserole dish is made from glass that has been tempered so it can withstand high oven temperatures as your food cooks. Because it is made from glass, there isn’t a worry about the dish discoloring, scratching or warping over time. This casserole dish features good grips on each end and a lid that fits snuggly over the top.

$20 from Amazon

Kingsbull Home Ceramic Casserole DishKingsbull Home Ceramic Casserole Dish

Best ceramic casserole dish:
Kingsbull Home baking dish, 2-piece set

This beautifully decorated casserole dish set is made from lead-free porcelain. This means your food will be evenly cooked through and there is no worry about chemicals or off-tastes seeping into your casseroles. These dishes look nice for serving on your table, so there is no need to rearrange food on a separate dish before placing it in front of your family.

$28 from Amazon

Pyrex Casserole Dish SetPyrex Casserole Dish Set

Best casserole dish baking set:
Pyrex deep baking dish, 6-piece set

The Pyrex casserole dish set features three different sized pans with a matching, BPA-free plastic lid. This makes it easy to store leftovers or transport a meal to a dinner party without worrying about spills. The smallest dish can be used to bake bread while the largest pan in the set can be used to bake 9×13 inch cakes.

$40 from Amazon

CorningWare French White Casserole DishCorningWare French White Casserole Dish

Best classic casserole dish:
CorningWare French white oval casserole dish, 4-quart dual set

Casseroles come from France, so serving one in a French white CorningWare casserole dish makes sense. This set comes with two oval-shaped pans that hold 4 quarts each and include a fitting top for each. The outside of the dishes is beautifully designed so it looks good to take your dish straight from the oven to the table.

$69 from Amazon

Rachael Ray Bakeware Nonstick Pan SetRachael Ray Bakeware Nonstick Pan Set

Best nonstick bake set:
Rachel Ray Bakeware nonstick, 3-piece set

Casserole dishes are often portrayed as glass or stoneware, but metal casserole dishes do exist and this set from Rachel Ray includes three casserole-style pans that are deep enough for making a one-pan dish and shallow enough to use as a baking sheet. Each pan has convenient grips so help you keep control of a hot pan.

$$28 from Amazon

Cuisinart Oval Cast Iron Casserole DishCuisinart Oval Cast Iron Casserole Dish

Best cast iron casserole dish:
Cuisinart oval cast iron casserole, 7-quart

Cast iron is a popular cooking dish option for open fire cooking, but it also is versatile enough to use indoors, too. The Cuisinart cast iron casserole dish lets you start cooking on the stovetop, mix all ingredients into the same pan, then pop it into the oven to finish cooking

$130 from Amazon

Casserole, it’s what’s cooking

When it comes to casserole dishes, the OXO 9×13-inch baking dish is what most people envision. This clear glass dish holds a good amount of food and has high sides to keep it from spilling over as your family and friends dig in. The OXO features good grip handles on either side of the dish, plus it comes with a lid that fits snuggly on top. This helps you transport your casseroles to parties, or store leftovers more easily. You can also use this pan for making other foods including cakes, dinner rolls and gelatin salads.

Casseroles are made to be served straight from the oven, so the KingstonBull Home casserole dishes are a good pick because they feature beautiful patterns outside of the dishes, which add a splash of color and sophistication to your table. One pan is large enough to make enough lasagna to feed several people while the other is good for desserts and side dishes. Both ceramic casserole dishes heat food evenly and retain heat to help keep food hot throughout your meal.

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