Where to buy Ring Fit Adventure: where you can still grab Ring Fit right now

Looking for where to buy Ring Fit Adventure? You may have found that Nintendo's exercise game is hard to come by right now, as most retailers are out of stock. Nintendo has even noted on its official store that "availability is extremely limited".

Finding Ring Fit Adventure in the US or Australia, without paying an extortionate price, is pretty much impossible. However, there's still some stock in the UK.

This is made more difficult by the fact you can't simply buy the Ring Fit Adventure game as a digital download, you need to purchase the physical edition as it comes bundled with the Ring Fit peripheral that you require to actually play the game. 

We've scoured the web to find where you can still buy Ring Fit Adventure. While we've currently found no stock in the US, we will update you as soon as they return. Plus, we'll also let you know where to buy Ring Fit Adventure once that stock does return. It's worth noting that while you can find people selling the game on the likes of eBay, we want to make sure to offer you legitimate retailers – that won't charge you much more than the game's $79 / £64.99 / AU$125 RRP.

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Where to buy Ring Fit Adventure: the last remaining Ring Fit Adventure stock

From what we've seen, all Ring Fit Adventure is out of stock completely in the US and Australia. However you can still buy the game from Argos in the UK – if you act fast.

Ring Fit Adventure alternatives

Ring Fit Adventure may be sold out but you can still pick up Nintendo Fitness Boxing right now, which offers rhythm-based boxing exercises that are loads of fun – and will definitely have you breaking a sweat. We had a personal trainer test it out and they found it provided a great workout.

Here are the best deals on Nintendo Fitness Boxing in your region:

What is Ring Fit Adventure and why is it selling out?

Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure is a fitness game from Nintendo for the Switch- although it is marketed as a game first and exercise second.

The action-RPG game sees you real-life squatting, crunching and downward-dogging your way to success, as you set out on a quest to defeat a hench, bodybuilding dragon called Dragaux. And that's just the story mode, there are also plenty of mini-games and individual workouts to focus on specific parts of your body. 

The game comes with a Ring Fit (imagine a pilates ring) that lets you slide one Joy-Con controller into the ring and another into a strap that you fasten to your leg. This allows the game to track how hard you're working – and you'll work hard.

Ring Fit Adventure is great fun for the whole family, but most importantly helps you get your daily dose of exercise. It's likely that the game is like gold-dust to find due to the number of people stuck at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, who want to make their workouts a bit more exciting.

TechRadar has contacted Nintendo for comment on when Ring Fit Adventure stock will return. We will update you with the official response as soon as we get it.

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