Why EE is the network you should choose for 5G

It’s safe to say that 5G is here. You might remember that it’s been here since early 2019 when the first coverage actually started appearing around the UK, but 2020 feels like the real watershed. 

Mainstream phone makers like Samsung have started to make it seriously attractive to get onto the fastest network, ensuring that more and more people actually do so, by releasing more phones that can connect, and the range of choice looks like it will only get bigger with time. Once you’ve picked out your 5G phone, though, you might be unsure of which network to plump for. 

EE is the UK’s number one network for a reason, and its 5G coverage is spreading all the time, so we thought it’d make sense to give you some reasons to go for EE’s 5G. 

1. EE will have 5G live in more than 70 towns by March

When it comes to a new network like 5G, it’s clearly important to have widespread coverage or as widespread as is possible. EE’s been offering 5G speeds for nearly a year, and it’s committed to offering the network as widely as it can. 

It’s aiming to have the network up and running in over 70 different towns and cities around the country by March this year and is well on course to meet that goal. That means that you’ll be able to rely on getting the fastest possible speeds as you move around the country, helping with productivity if you’re working on the move, or relaxation and connectivity if not. 

2. You’ll never have to worry about buffering again

It’s worth a reminder of just what’s so good about 5G, and the sheer speed you’ll enjoy when using it. It’ll make for instant load times when you’re streaming HD content, and really steady connections once you’re up and running. One of the big benefits, in fact, will come when you’re in busy areas – 5G won’t choke up like slower networks can, making sure that you don’t suffer when you’re surrounded by other people using the internet. 

3. Because EE’s 4G is super fast when you’re not in a 5G area

The thing about EE’s network, though, is that it’s brilliant even if you’re not using 5G – and that is still great for 5G users. Every so often it’s likely that you’ll be somewhere that doesn’t have 5G coverage quite yet. In those cases, though, you’ll just drop down to EE’s 4G, which is still the fastest in the country, and a network that consumers have been loving for its speed for years now. 

4. Brilliant add-ons

One of EE’s Smart Plans is the way to go with 5G, for our money, because as part of the package you’ll get a Swappable Benefit to make sure that you get the most out of your plan without draining away all your data too quickly each month. You might choose a streaming package that lets you use video apps like YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video without using any of your data allocation, or choose a BT Sport package to let you watch the Champions League knockout rounds. 

Or, if you’re a big gamer, you might prefer to go for the gaming bundle, which lets you play huge games like Pokémon Go and FIFA Mobile with free data. Whichever you pick, you’ll be sure to get a nice bonus from it. You can check out EE’s range of 5G Smart SIM plans right here. 

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